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Oct 25, 2016 at 7:12 AM
Apr 8, 2002
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January 9
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Oct 25, 2016 at 7:12 AM
    1. Peter Lee
      Peter Lee
      We have done many amazing nightclub displays projects before, we manufacturer and design led displays in shenzhen, if any interest can visist www.avledscreen.com
    2. Disco Stu
      Disco Stu
      Im trying to setup the VJ at a new bar and I'm having trouble with the HDMI connection dropping out. They are using a Just Add Power 2g Transmitter. I'm using a 2009 Macbook Pro with 8GB, Rocketfish HDMI/ Mini DisplayPort Adapter. When we turn it to the HDMI channel on the TV it reads the CPU and displays it for about 5 seconds before dropping out.
    3. evomedia
      Can you please remove my admin rights and ban my account for 6 months, no arguements or discussion, I just want my access removed
    4. evomedia
      In case you miss the post, you'll probably be glad to hear about this tech



      Same company that have developed QuantumFilm. That should make low light cameras far more affordable with far superior image quality, the quantum film sensor that is ninety percent efficient in absorbing light as opposed to the fifty percent from CCD and CMOS sensors.

      These guys are doing some amazing work it seems
    5. blackwatch
      You seem to be the most experienced and respected opinion on this forum. I trust your words..thank you sir
    6. RadioSam
      Yo Tom
      Its Sam from Looking SOund.
      Nice to meet you at Riki Tik's on NYE.
      The event was really kool.
      Would be nice to meet up some time for a drink to chat visual stuff
      My email is radiosam@lookingsound.com
      Nice one dude
    7. mush4brains
      I have been given your profile as a owner of VJForum is this corrert if so can you email me at glyn@sturbanclothing.com tryin to see if we can help you out
    8. Kyle
      i <3 you Sleepy
    9. skulpture
      What code do I need to use to sort the image out in my signature please Tom?
    10. djnada
      Yo, Sleepy Tom! Jim C. aka DJNada here! I just got an email about this spam post. Thanks for managing things. I'm working on a project mixing down some very old skool footage I shot around 1984 for Tracy 168, aka "wild style," one of the originators of South Bronx graffiti. Got Malcolm McLaren's Duck Rock full blast. Cheers from the other side of the pond!!!
    11. twisted soul
      twisted soul
      hello there i know u r probably alrready booked on your invitations for this but i would really like to come along if possible
      im from a crew of vjs initially based in oxford playing for krafty's plumps. rob hall(auteche dj) and varous other. i have just returned from an installation at sgp and would like some more experience.
      we are metavisual are here is a pethetic attempt at a myspace www.myspace.com/metavisuals
      if u send me an email i can send u our installation festi applicaiton where were where projection onto triangles with different visuals on each is
      if u interested my email is samueljcoad@googlemail.com
      hope u well and all the best
    12. Trrl
      User "OBJETSBOF" is spam bot. Heads Up.
    13. evomedia
    14. vdmoKstaTi
      what is the story with logo comp? cheers Tom
    15. videoswitchboard
      hi tom,

      just checking if you had an update on the mx10 dispatch... got another offer, if that's gonna take too long.



      ps: message to you are returned as spam, have been using the mailbox on your site- not sure if you received those.
    16. vdmoKstaTi
      ":) what you been up to Tom?
    17. Hexide
      You are always soo business, but i finally just checked out your store... nice deals. Hey do you have any footage of any of your shows? IM really curious to see some of your work!
    18. evomedia
      user : wu755lai457 is spamming messages
    19. evomedia
      ...I found out why so don't worry... I just read a website saying my gfx card is to blame, so dont worry, seems they have just released a new driver set specifically to sort out sync issues with external devices, typical.
    20. evomedia
      I'm no expert on barco setups lol, so that last question may seem dumb? other thoughts was that the lappy isn't putting out enough volts to get a clean sync, or I need to switch on the barco before the lappy or visa versa, of I need to set something in my gfx setup, I'm connecting via a vga to component cables by the way. I'll keep fiddling as well lol
    21. evomedia
      Hi mate, got those barco, they are in excellent nic with QFD (1.27:1) lenses so they do take all the standard lens, they turned out to be sim6 ultras so 3,000 ANSI and native UXGA resolution, with only 80 hours on the lamps.

      So a real bargain, if a little heavy lol.

      Just have a question, I hooked them up to a vga output from a lappy and getting some sinc issues, I think from the setup they must have been removed from, I reckon its down to the input slots setup, any idea whats the correct config? RGB CS? CV? SOG?

      Reckoned you'd be the man to ask :)
    22. evomedia
      spam adverts popping up in all the sections, best ban him quick
    23. evomedia
      New post in opening gig reports sticky from a spammer, may want to ban them before they post more
    24. VjOmBoy
      Hi Tom,

      Sorry I've been really an ass.

      I replied that yesterday and felt I wanted rather to email directly to you, which I should have done.

      no, neither did Miss Kittin, nor Afrika Bambaata, nor Radiohead became VJs overnight.

      All the best and merry new year, sincere apologies again.
    25. Architects of Tomorrow
      Architects of Tomorrow
      Hello sleepytom - how are you?
      Just wondering if you received that t-shirt?
      If not you should get it in a few days

    26. sleepytom
      I don't know anything about the gallery stuff in VB! I just updated to the new version and it has all this crap in it! can you send me a link to the bit which isn't working?
    27. Tony_Blend
      im liking the new plugins for the board mucker. just wondered if you were aware of the problem uploading images to a freshly created gallery on a nosy vj's group ... :)

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