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1T-C2-250 video scaler plus

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by stulloyd, Apr 13, 2012.

  1. stulloyd

    stulloyd Sometime Vj

    Looks like I can turn this into a cheap mixer with vvvv patch RS232 and a midi controller.

    Does anyone have any patches for the C2 750 DVI scaler that Toby Spark was messing with I think someone on here must have??

    I have just won one for £101 + £5 postage from fleabay.

  2. alfaleader

    alfaleader Member

    that's cheap :)

    You might try imixhd, works perfect.

    If you have a mac I can give you a quartz patch (based on toby's patch) that can switch between all the resolutions from the latest firmware.
  3. stulloyd

    stulloyd Sometime Vj

    Thanks Alfaleader....

    I don't have a mac, but there is one at the office, I have downloaded the source patches.

    Also managed to get a vvvv c2 750 patch from their website.

    I don't yet have the unit, but my rs232 cable and NanoKontrol are waiting to get hooked up.

    Will report back......

  4. thomase

    thomase VJ Wunderkind

    How do you turn this into a mixer - from the pics I've seen on the net, it looks like it only has ONE input?
  5. stulloyd

    stulloyd Sometime Vj

  6. stulloyd

    stulloyd Sometime Vj

    So I will upscale my V4 and have another 8 Vga sources from my 8x4 extron matrix to mix between.

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