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Discussion in 'The Future' started by fill_skinz, Nov 27, 2009.

  1. fill_skinz

    fill_skinz New Member

    just an idea

    could we pull our resources, and generate a VJ headlined gig / tour next year.

    The nights would headline the VJ's accompanied by high profile dj's. With the right support from manufactures, sponsers, tv documentry. etc etc.

    there is no reason why the visuals and vj's can't generate the same admiration

    and recognition as the dj's

    i have spoken to a numer of named DJ's and they would love to collaborate.
  2. deepvisual

    deepvisual visually challenged

    wassup fil, can't sleep??
  3. Kyle

    Kyle "Hello my VJ friend"

    I'll do it, but only if I can bring my Vixid. hehe just kidding.
  4. SteveG

    SteveG Downstairs for Dancing

    I'll help out...if you give me a V440 :) DJ's are always up for collaboration....as long as it's free and they get paid....lol In the current climate fill it will be an uphill struggle. Some seriously good line ups are failing to pull a crowd that breaks even. Hopefully it may start to improve next year. Get in touch if you need a hand though.
  5. retina_error

    retina_error stageterrorist

    sounds nice... allways wanted to do it in my region but no one is really interested...
  6. hamageddon

    hamageddon Motion Mapping Looper

    maybe something around the next frankfurt musicmesse ?
    Last edited: Nov 27, 2009
  7. vjair

    vjair Making Shapes

    sounds potentialy interesting. im currently working on a collab with a fairly big dj.... may be able to rope him in on the idea :)
  8. devonmiles

    devonmiles Midi: the language of God

    this could probably work if incorporated in high profile festivals like Nature One, Sonne Mond und Sterne, Melt, Bigchill, Awakenings, Timewarp etc.
    it would also be more interestig for sponsors if they can display their logo within such events.
    the festivals itself are most probably very interested in collaborating when the tour organizatiors provide the fee for the VJ/DJ team.
    in fact, this is reality already with festivals like Rave on Snow, Sonne Mond und Sterne, Sputnik Spring Break and some others, where the side stages are run by external promoters, who book and pay their own VJ artists alongside selected audio acts.
    this year I was on tour for a DJ agency, which did quite a good job pushing their artists into main festivals by managing complete stages on a shared cost base. if you are interested, I can foward you a contact as they are already planning next years festival season.
  9. 6071842

    6071842 I've given money to VJForums

    devon! wish i was playing at some of these gigs!

    but its a nice idea and i do like it :)
  10. retina_error

    retina_error stageterrorist

    you're just right devon....
    I think it has to be time for it.
  11. psychomonkey

    psychomonkey Visuals from the flipside

    You can count me in if it comes together already working with different vj's and friends in the breaks and beats genre :)
  12. mowgli

    mowgli collapsing wave functions

    sounds good
  13. sleepytom

    sleepytom VJF Admin

    ahh this idea again...

    nobody cares that much.

    visuals are secondary to audio, always will be.

    you can't hum a picture, a VJ will never pull a crowd.

    That's not to say that a visuals focused touring show couldn't work, just don't expect the VJs to suddenly become superstars.. (who was VJing on the Boombox tour? does anyone here even know? Who was Vjing on the Etienne de Crecy shows?)

    Still I'm keen to help with a visuals focused touring production Phil, if you can cope with my realistic attitude (i'll do tech stuff and let someone else talk to the press!) You don't have to send me an V440 even (oh you already did - thanks it arrived safe today :) clam down steve i have to give it back!)
  14. SteveG

    SteveG Downstairs for Dancing

    Had one at Glastonbury when I was down Tom....couldn't get the damn thing working though due to a damaged component cable.....next time he doesn't get it back :devil: Lovely mixer to use though.

    How about finding and using a couple of half decent touring bands instead of DJ's.....we might actually perform in front of more than 200 then....lol
  15. fill_skinz

    fill_skinz New Member

    the idea was to have edirol get involved with something sponsorship/collaboration wise on some uk dates. Steve the band thing is a great idea. it may be better with an electronic band (electronic dance..with live electronic drums etc (like the v-drums sending midi) and ableton acts. i was thinking student union clubs around uk. the better ones!! not the cest pit type down a cellar! would be good to finish at a festival set...
  16. devonmiles

    devonmiles Midi: the language of God

    Toms great misunderstanding is, this is not about creating superstar VJ. in fact, creating superstars in anything never was a good idea, just turned DJs to proper twats and muscians into Hotel room destroying blokeheads.
    I see this more as an awareness raising campaign, which can work to some extend. and here the M_nus Showcases are proofing Tom wrong again. if the Video artist is properly anounced on the posters, flyers and the web appereance then people start to recognize them aswell as the audio act. the video setup of course has to offer a viewing experience beyond the traditional 4:3 screen setup.
    at the end this all just breaks down to how much cash are sponsors willing to throw onto things.
    you can easily buy into events and festivals if you provide all the kit, riggers, stage managers, pay your artists fees, flights and accomodation. they will happily advertise your DJ and VJ artists everywhere, if you pay for some ad space, share the costs of the official flyers and posters and deliver user friendly media and texts.
  17. thomase

    thomase VJ Wunderkind

    Already scheming here...
  18. SteveG

    SteveG Downstairs for Dancing

    I think the Student Union idea is spot on Phil. Perhaps even senior finishing schools such as the one I'm involved with at the moment. They are the future after all and in all aspects;) Students always struggle to find the cash for multiple nights out and they'll always choose their fav couple of monthlys over some new AV thing.....take the fight, information and presentation to them:)
    Last edited: Nov 29, 2009
  19. skulpture

    skulpture www.grahamthorne.co.uk

    Sounds good to me. Are we thinking UK based?
  20. bleep

    bleep AVA

    have run small yet successful video orientated nights. had larger projects to take on at the time, but given another year this was shaping to be a really successful night. and grown in exposure / "scene" association.

    i think people are honestly keen to seek something different . the dj formula is become a dash dry.im finding an increased buzz around video orientated events and people are genuinely interested.

    i really think the skys the limit. but keep in mind this isnt the music industry thus thus a different yet i feel similar pathway will evolve.

    time .. ! ha
  21. Liquidmetro

    Liquidmetro Positively Phototropic

    Sounds good to me. Can help at one top UK institution.
  22. pixelschubser

    pixelschubser Member

    Thats exactly the reason why we from the B-Seite Festival started a cooperation with the timewarp. At the moment we are working on a "Work in Progress" Slot on the Festival where DJ's and VJ's are working in forehand on a theme (which at the moment is figured out so if you have ideas write me) which will be presented on the Timewarp itself. We are also working on that VJ's from the B-Seite Festival will get an normal booking on the Timewarp.....

    ah what is B-Seite Fesitval again for those who never heard about it should check: www.jetztkultur.de

    so i think there will be interesting posibilities in the future in that cooperation....

    cheers pixelschubser
  23. Nick Gunn

    Nick Gunn New Member

    Did notice how the Timewarp events seem pretty dedicated to the visual side of things. The videos I've seen across the net have been pretty impressive and working to an audio/visual theme is where it's at.

    An event like this, if approached in the right way, would be great to help create awareness as Devon said.

    I also REALLY like the idea of having a VJ for every Artist/band/DJ, and collaborating closely with the with the visuals and presenting a theme or vision of some sort.

    Suppose all this has been done before without any major success, but if done in the right way.....

    Watching this closely....
  24. fill_skinz

    fill_skinz New Member

    thanks for the feedback on this thread.

    i suggested the idea simply because i was looking at the marketing budget available next year. This was covering the UK.

    to be honest i would be much happier getting stuck into something like this than blowing the budget on a half page ad in 'video mixer weekly'...

    it was a real honor working with the video artists at 'the london international music show' and 'frankfurt musik messe'. one thing we all concluded was that something like this would be much more fun to get involved with.

    I would love to have a coca cola budget, but sadly i don't. i do have a budget nether the less.

    please do not be offended when i say that the proposal is aimed at the up and coming guys who just want to get involved.

    for this to get off the ground, it needs to be organised from the start of jan...

    i am positive that other manufacturers would be interested in this idea.

    now that you guys have replied positively overall, can i pursue this to the next stage?

    as mentioned, there is no point showcasing Video artists on a 4:3 fold away screen. i am happy to aim for HD all the way. ideally over multiple screens.

    i think that 1 x hd VJ screen with possibly side screens showing tech cam mix is achievable.

    please pm me with ideas. i am all ears. (insert joke here Gary and Steve!)
  25. asterix

    asterix IMAGINEER

    Maybe you could all kick in, hire a venue, invite a bunch of peeps from the industry (promoters, festi organisers, av companies, promotion/ad agencies etc) and setup your systems for demos throughout the night. That way you can promote, and have a party throughout the night as well. Or even better, work in conjunction with an existing venue and use it as a drawcard for them (that way you don't need to pay for booze).

    Use your contacts to keep advertising costs down. Maybe you can find a well known dj to play for free (lol).
  26. SteveG

    SteveG Downstairs for Dancing

    I refuse to be baited in such a manner Mr Skinz....anyway I cant ear you :D

    I'm against the idea of aiming this at as you say Phil the "up and coming guys". I think it would be great to see some of the more experienced members taking part....lets see just how good they are :jump: If your touring as originally suggested there will be enough venues to fit them all in. How many up and coming guys are working in HD for instance? Or are you talking about upscaling work such as DVJ sets etc? What about the guys now working in Superwide screen? mapping areas? I think it's got to be left down to those you invite to perform.

    The idea from asterix is spot on I think and one I suggested a couple of times over the last few years. I never really had the time to pursue this but the interest was there from the many DJ's and Promoters I mentioned it too.

    Even if not chosen to perform I'd be willing to not only set up and demo but provide the means for the projection also helping to fill the room with screens, I'm sure others could do this too.

    Student Uni's have DJ's and Bands, keeping the talent local from the particular Uni's will possibly ensure a crowd and they all have their groupies;) Perhaps you could manage to get one known Band or DJ in per venue now and again depending upon availablity.

    Gives a call if you need a hand come the New Year Phil, in short will supply, help newbies with kit sing, dance and do a strip show for an extra 50% of my usual fee:)
  27. SteveG

    SteveG Downstairs for Dancing

    ps: More than happy to contact all the Northern Promoters, venue owners and DJ's I've worked for and alongside over the last few years to invite them along if that's the audience base your looing for.
  28. deepvisual

    deepvisual visually challenged

    well, its a great idea if you dont mind associating your products with some dull performances. I've seen plenty of hypnotic - as in sleep inducing - 'name' VJs and for every good 'up and coming' VJ there will be more than a few bad ones.
    I'd suggest a degree of triage before you let someone loose on the screen.
    Last edited: Dec 2, 2009
  29. SteveG

    SteveG Downstairs for Dancing

    When did I put you to sleep :D True though seen a few too;) Many of the Student Unions have more than one good room which is something to keep in mind and explore. It could be good idea to organise this in a way that the music events are organised...chill out area, bar, main room etc all lending to different projection and ideas. The VJ's setting up there own little demo areas Gary I believe would give everyone the chance to show their $hite or not as they choose;)
  30. fill_skinz

    fill_skinz New Member

    The 'up and coming VJ's' part of the thread was added because i thought that the old skool were not that interested.

    I was wrong....you guys that have contacted me totally get the project. really grateful for the production knowledge now available.

    The project is now up and running.

    The main vj screen and projector would want to be in HD seeing as the tech is readily available to me (hd projector and rigging sourced). I would love to have some mapped screens at the gigs if we can steve. This maybe regional depending on what we can put together. Ideally it would be nice to run abstracts/logos/artist names on LED batons.

    If a vj is working in SD we will upscale, if they are in HD, great! as for multiple screens soft edge blended, i think this could generate unnecessary headaches. lets focus the attention to the main screen.

    I have been in talks with a number of press/PR people, and they are well up for covering this project.

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