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2hour Live Vj Breaks Mix

Discussion in 'Finding Content' started by telekinetix, Jul 18, 2006.

  1. telekinetix

    telekinetix Kill your television

  2. vjair

    vjair Making Shapes

    can i suggest chopping this set up in to bits for those who dont have an "uber-connection" for the net, its quite a big file.
  3. telekinetix

    telekinetix Kill your television

    you may suggest it but it wont do much good!

    nah just joshin....i'm doing a 10 minute(ish) edit of the best bits but wont be up for a few days. In the meantime only the broadband-blessed will be able to grab the whole file.

    It should stream in windows media player so you shouldn't have to download the whole thing to check a bit...
  4. vjair

    vjair Making Shapes

    hmm... doesnt play for me if i download or stream it... when i download it, right click and go to properties, i get no frame rate, compresion type ect...

    so what format is it in?
  5. telekinetix

    telekinetix Kill your television

    Dangit does the same for me - must be a botched upload.

    'File Offline' for now

    Will post when sorted.................
  6. baszooka

    baszooka Analog Recycling VJ


    Would love to see it...

    Grtz Baszooka
  7. telekinetix

    telekinetix Kill your television

  8. telekinetix

    telekinetix Kill your television

  9. makemassair

    makemassair makemassair.co.uk

    wicked. downloading now.
  10. Hambone

    Hambone New Member

    Maybe I'm too old and don't get it, but it looks like Arkaos on random automated beat detection...

    Lots of diverse interesting graphics, though!
  11. telekinetix

    telekinetix Kill your television

    Nope! its 3 of us on 2 machines running Resolume on manual hand-eye coordinated clip selection...
  12. Motionreactor

    Motionreactor www.motionreactor.net

    Some very cool stuff in there. Also some weird things, the clips sometimes didn't match well and a bit of reuse. I like the scratching and some of the pacing worked really well. Nice layering too.
  13. fluchtpunkt

    fluchtpunkt Moderator

    watched the short edit.
    nice. i like a lot of your clips/styles. are they all sampled? if not, which ones are yours?

    the mixing of your clips, to me, most of the time comes accross as random and uncinvincing however. i like to feel there is a reason why certain clips are mixed with certain others. this is absent in your mix. consequently i could hardly notice any narrative structuring either.

    personal note: get rid of those mirrored kaleidoscopic clips in this mix. they did not match the groove of the other samples at all.
  14. sleepytom

    sleepytom VJF Admin

    and next time get a decent sound recording too - i could bearly stand listing to the AGC compression clipping - was actually so distracting that i can't remember what the visuals were like.
  15. telekinetix

    telekinetix Kill your television

    Thanks for all the comments!

    Yeah it wasn't really an 'organised' 'structured' or 'narrative' mix! was just for a fun night of local breaks so we wanted some fun visuals for it! Some of the clips there wont make much sence as thier part of personal jokes or are of friends of ours.

    Most of the stuff is sampled/downloaded, as I said a lot was from the free Analog Recycling loops as we'd just got our grubby mits on them and they are super dope! :crazy: Some our ours - the tv smashing stuff and circuit board tunnel with purple strobe effects.

    Sleepytom - I know sorry about the sound, the recording was straight from a DV cam as we couldnt get a line to record from - although to be fair its easily listenable on my computer speakers (altac lansang 2.1 cheapys - no distortion really just very bassy) i'll assume you were recovering from a heavy night and your eardrums were tender - some1 else did record the audio which I will add especially for you when I get hold of it :up:
  16. telekinetix

    telekinetix Kill your television

  17. bryandod

    bryandod Integrated Visions

    Thanks for sharing. I enjoyed watching your mix.
  18. fluchtpunkt

    fluchtpunkt Moderator

    hey telekinetix, i didn't mean to put you down, and i don't think i did. no i don't currently have anything online - which indeed is a shame. though after a year of more or less taking a break from vjing and working on other projects, i am currently working on getting stuff online & will be sure to post a link here once its done.

    my feedback was of purely subjective nature and you're welcome to ignore it. when i give feedbacks i like to point out what i like, what i don't and, what i feel would benefit someones work. that's all i did.

    as for structured or narrative sets: my take on this is that after having seen a few (really) good sets like this, for me, there was no turning back. sets that lack structuring just have something painfully missing (to me). i'm not eveng saying i do it right - or better. it's just something i tend to focus on.


    btw: thanks for sharing ;)

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