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3-day video band festival in NYC

Discussion in 'VJ Events' started by honeygun, Dec 15, 2003.

  1. honeygun

    honeygun New Member

    ADVERTISEMENTHello everyone,

    We're just getting back to NYC from our tour this week and will be hosting a
    3-day video band festival. Each night will have a different vibe and will focus on
    different things, so hop on your favorite method of transportation and come up to NYC for three nights of multimedia madness, with fruity social lubricants
    provided generously by Bacardi. Check it out:

    Honeygun Labs presents
    a 3day video band event:


    Thursday, Dec 18
    Pussycat Lounge
    door:_ 9:30, $5
    sponsored by Barardi Coco
    performances by Action Daddy, Seksu Roba, Militia
    djs: DJ Phiiliip, Genesis P'Orridge
    special holiday vibe: plushie/fake fur

    Friday, Dec 19
    door:_ 8:00, $8 (reduced list til 10:00)
    sponsored by Bacardi Razz
    performances by Black Moustache, Saint Eve, Venue,
    Seksu Roba, Mumbleboy, Honeygun Labs, Lu(x)z
    (Amoeba Technology)
    djs:_ S.Lockdown, Casio, Spencer Product
    two floors of video action

    Saturday, Dec 20
    door:_ 8:00, FREE!
    sponsored by Bacardi Limon
    performances by Saint Eve, Seksu Roba, Venue, Honeygun Labs
    dj:_ Spencer Product
    come early to see the bands

    HALF-RES site:_ http://www.honeygunlabs.com/half-res
    For list info:_ list at honeygunlabs.com

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