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3D Projection Setup

Discussion in 'Just Starting' started by jeasonfx, Jan 14, 2012.

  1. jeasonfx

    jeasonfx New Member


    I have about 6 months of experience in VJing and projection mapping, but my work has been limited thus far to projecting onto flat shapes hung from the back of concert stages, spheres, hemispheres, and one building. I've masked them and used Resolume Avenue and custom viz effects as the content.​

    I'm now wanting to move into 3D projection mapping by using 3D models as the mask instead of an alpha map so that I can control the scaling of textures, etc., but I'm having trouble arranging the virtual camera (in Autodesk Maya) to match my physical backdrops. I understand that the camera must match the angle and position of the projector in relation to the objects being projected on, but I'm finding this to be more difficult to setup than I would expect. Any advice on setting the virtual camera in terms of focal lenth, etc. would be apprceiated.

    Also, I have seen videos with 3D objects that seem to move through the space as if they were not being affected by the surface of the building being projected on at all. I have a theory of how to do this, but I have no idea which software would need to be used in order to do this. Any advice on creating the illusion of 3D objects moving in a space would be appreciated. ​

    If none of this makes sense then I think that it would be easier to say that I am trying to create effects similar to ones found in the video below.​

    Again, any advice is appreciated. Thank you. ​
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  2. vjair

    vjair Making Shapes

    with the creation of 3d imagery - any 3d software will do - theres no magic trick, you just need to be able to model stuff that looks real ( pay attention to lighting and shadows )

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