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3d text cube on afterefects

Discussion in 'Creating Content' started by AndresC4, Jan 5, 2006.

  1. AndresC4

    AndresC4 Andres :)

    yesterday playing with a lot of text layers i came up with this

    c4 and quick

    i think its a cool efect very simple... anyone uses this kind of 3d clips for text?
  2. vjpixylight

    vjpixylight AKA Will O' The Wisp

    Is that a plugin fx, or is it one of AE native FX's?
  3. AndresC4

    AndresC4 Andres :)

    no, just a text layer con Comp1
    and a lot of Comp1 in 3d on "comp2"

  4. lowRes

    lowRes another member

    * )

    nice one!
    reAlly nice! luvd the vidx!
    andresc4 if u like to work with 3d in ae u have to try these reeeaally nice plug-ins.. digital anarchy 3d assistants and the fresh n new Echospace from Trapcode!
    though it's fun to do it by hand sometimes these plugz just drive me nuts!
    kip the gud werk!!!

    * )
  5. levon

    levon Headless Chicken

    ive done something similar to that in Blender. its a great effect
  6. Westbam

    Westbam Golden Puppie

    Looks very nice indeed, ty for inspiration, and posting that AE screeny ;)
  7. AndresC4

    AndresC4 Andres :)

    there are a lots of ways of doing it,
    this one wasnt the quickone :p

    lowRes can you showme a pic of digital anarchy 3d assistants project ,
    because i cant figure it out how to use it ,
    nothing hapens :(
  8. lowRes

    lowRes another member

    sorry don?t have one now..
    the best way is do some ::tut's::

    hav fun!

    * )

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