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3rd International Pure Data Convention, Sao Paulo Brasil

Discussion in 'VJ Events' started by TheSAD, Jul 14, 2009.

  1. TheSAD

    TheSAD Human beyond the machines


    Next week I’m flying to Sao Paulo, Brasil. I’ve been selected to perform at the 3rd International Pure Data Convention ‘09 with the work ‘I C::ntr::l Nature’ – solo audiovisual performance for augmented bass guitar. ​
    The work is completely produced and performed with the self-designed software ‘C::NTR::L 1.2 Beta’ - PureData based software for real-time audiovisual improvvisation which exploits physical computing technology.
    The software is free for download and use, check this page.

    I’m specially looking forward to attend to the series of conferences focused on the Pd development where also Miller Puckette – the creator of Pd – will hold a conference about Multiprocessing for Pd.

    Here you are what the Pd Convention is all about (via: http://blog.pdcon.org ):

    “The International Convention for Puredata (Pd) is a periodic event that started in 2004 and is the most important event of the community of developers and enthusiasts of Pd. Pd is a programming language used for the development of interactive applications, allowing the manipulation of data flow in real-time. As a free open source software, the developer’s community is vast and independent, and is characterized by having a rich and eterogeneous profile formed by researchers, developers and designers with a strong interaction and internal productivity.
    There are several projects that use Pd in the area of robotics, psychoacoustic, new physical interfaces and open-hardware, artificial intelligence and pattern recognition signal, artistic and commercial projects, among others. In the Brazilian edition, we want also to improve the Brazilian community of developers, which has grown over the past two years becoming part of the international scene.”

    …and here the full list of participants (Performances, Installations, Workshops and Lectures):

    Miller Puckette
    Rogério Costa
    IOhannes m zmölnig
    Hans-Christoph Steiner, EUA
    Marius Schebella
    Julien Ottavi
    José Luis Santorcuato
    vjpalm/Ricardo Palmieri
    Alexandre Torres Porres
    Luca Carruba
    Lluis Gomez i Bigordà
    Wilson Sukorski
    Nick Porcaro, EUA
    Natalia Mount, Andrew Mount & Mark Grimm
    Teresa Ascenção
    Ryan Jordan
    Jaime Oliver
    Philippe Boisnard
    Chikashi Miyama
    Henrique Iwao
    Marco Donnarumma aka The !S.A.D!
    Xavi Manzanares (Daax!) & Oscar Martin (Noish~)
    Dan Wilcox
    Coletivo Make Install
    Cristiano Rosa
    Giuseppe Birardi & Sebastian Faeth
    Yves Degoyon
    Tim Vets
    Ben Bogart
    José Henrique Padovani
    William Brent
    David Doukhan
    Marcus Alessi Bittencourt
    Jaime Munárriz
    John Harrison
    Tuti Fornari
    Cristiano Figueiró
    Ed Kelly
    Sergi Lario Loyo
    Sven König
    Jose Ignacio Lopez Ramírez-Gastón
    Glerm Soares
    Mitchel Turner
    Greg Dixon
    Kruno Jošt

    More infos Pd Con:http://blog.pdcon.org
    Pure Data: http://puredata.info

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