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A good editing softwere

Discussion in 'Software' started by seex, Jan 24, 2005.

  1. seex

    seex Codeep visuals

    So i came to the point where i cant use After effects for editing any more since im working with sound and as soon as i try to preview with audio i must wait....

    Since i treyed a few versions of Premiere and non of them wuld work on my system im asking for an alternative (for XP). I noteced qite a few of you use VEGAS, is this a editing softwere and if so whats the full name and what issue do you recomend.

  2. signal55

    signal55 robotfridge

  3. seex

    seex Codeep visuals

  4. drmo

    drmo New Member

    hey seex, how are you doing?

    vegas is great. i used it all the time.

  5. vjJason

    vjJason New Member

    I've been using Pinnacle Liquid Edition and have been really happy with it. Great for anything you might want to put together before hand, (and burn to dvd via integrated software or playback from the computer) and an awesome title program I use live. I use it in a live club set-up and get alot of milage out of it- However it has capability beyond VJ applications. It's really geared towards filmmakers/editors, so in a VJ situation the options are almost limitless. I'm no expert, as I have only had the system to play with for a few months (while getting familiar with a pair of DVJs!) But between the low end of the Editing software (like Moviemaker) and the High end (like Avid) Pinnacle Liquid Edition is pretty sweet.

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