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Active Photo presentation software.

Discussion in 'Software' started by johnny21, Feb 3, 2012.

  1. johnny21

    johnny21 New Member

    Hi Gents,

    I have a question,
    i am searching for software that could preform the following action,

    i am shooting photo's with a 5DMKII with a WTF-E4 II transmitter.
    When a photo is taken, this photo must be send to laptop wher it is shown on a big screen. after some second automaticly the photo is add to presentation thats continue the whole time, everytime a new photo is taken this proces needs to continue. so agin the new photo direct on screen after some seconds the presentation. etc etc

    Could somone inform me about some software that could do this.
    important is no handeling exstra than to set up is needed on the evening.

    i hope i have explain it corect and you all now what i need.

    Thanks for helping.

    cheers Johan
  2. asterix

    asterix IMAGINEER

    Dont know of an out of the box solution for this.
    You could actually setup a small xammp server, write a quick php script using scandir to check for the latest image, then maybe a html refresh ever 3 seconds or less to check for newer images.

    You could probably do something similar without web tech at all using processing.
  3. Thelooca

    Thelooca Member

    Perhaps you could work with flickr. Send your pics directly to flickr (through mail for example) and then get the flickrfeed into an other software to project (i have done this before with quartz composer).
  4. ThomasL

    ThomasL Member

    I only know of one software that can do what you have asked - Dataton's Watchout 5. The Dynamic Image Server licence is separate from the basic Watchout 5 licence (read: another dongle).

    Their launch video on youtube from about 4:01mins in shows a picture being taken and sent live to the media server to display on the screen -

    Here are relevant extracts from the User Manual -
    The WATCHOUT Image Server is a separate program that allows you to incorporate up-to-date text, images and graphics into your presentation. It renders the requested images, and sends the result to your display computers via the network. This is somewhat similar to the way a VNC Server provides images for a “Computer Screen” media item, but provides for greater flexibility and programmability.
    Being a server application, the program doesn’t offer much in terms of user interface. It simply runs on a computer connected to the network and responds to image requests from WATCHOUT. Using the Open command on the File menu, you can manually open supported files to preview them on screen. Images are also displayed while they’re being served to WATCHOUT.
     NOTE: As the Image Server runs as a separate application, it requires its own WATCHOUT license key.

    The Image Server can serve two types of images:
    • A still image.
    • A SWF file (Adobe Flash).
    For still images, the Image Server accepts the same kinds of images that you can generally use with WATCHOUT. It supports transparency information for files that include such data.

    By providing a still image through the Image Server, you may change the
    image at any moment. Whenever the image is replaced on the image server,
    it will immediately appear on all displays currently showing it. To update the image on the server, simply drop a new image file into the folder containing the old one, with the same name and dimensions as the old image. You can provide the updated image in any way you like. For instance, you may run a web server on the same computer, configured to allow files to be uploaded to the image folder being watched by the Image Server. This web server can provide a web interface for manual uploading of images, or interact with smart camera phones via the Internet.
    Alternatively, you may have a custom application that updates the image on a regular basis, based on some external data or other events. This application can run on the same computer as the WATCHOUT Image Server, or another computer connected over the network. From the Image Server’s point of view it doesn’t matter where the image comes from. As soon as it is changed, it will be updated on screen accordingly.


    Note that some similarity with VNC is mentioned above, so you may want to explore that avenue.
    Last edited: Feb 6, 2012
  5. johnny21

    johnny21 New Member

    Hi asterix, Thelooca and ThomasL.

    Thanks For replying on my post.

    This option would not work i need internet that i dont have on my location.:(

    Yes that would work and i could even get this running on a windows Box, and ISS, only to build a script that could return after the refresh in a presentation would be very hard to build. i can do some thinks with php but this is to much for me:)

    This Aplication looks good, i am going to invest further and post the outcome.

    If somone els find somthing please let me now.

  6. alfaleader

    alfaleader Member

    There is a VVVV program that makes a slideshow from a folder.
  7. deepvisual

    deepvisual visually challenged

    I do exactly this during a live show.
    we dont use anything other than the quicklook feature of Mac OSX set to fullscreen.
    we tried a variety of apps and none of them worked as well.
  8. johnny21

    johnny21 New Member


    Going to take my old minimac and hoping that that would work:)
  9. deepvisual

    deepvisual visually challenged

    just open your target folder, set the sort by date and keep the down arrow pressed - you can either write a script or tape something to the arrow key
  10. Thelooca

    Thelooca Member


    i made a quartz composer composition that does the trick. Just type in the destination folder, set the width and hight and you can also choose the duration of the new photo and the photos in the loop. The composition is quit chaotic (could be more organised i suppose...) but seems to work. If you want anything changed let me know.

    here's the dropboxlink: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/54194410/LivePhotoFeedFromMap.qtz

    Hope this works although deepvisuals solution will also do the trick...
  11. johnny21

    johnny21 New Member


    thanks a lot for your help going to test it tonight.

  12. johnny21

    johnny21 New Member

    Hi Gents,

    So i think it will work but to re program my mac needs xcode 3.1.1 and that takes a wille if i can not find it eassy and apple site is not really a help:(

    if i have solve this i hope it will do the trick

  13. sleepytom

    sleepytom VJF Admin

  14. johnny21

    johnny21 New Member

    Ye i know but i am on Ios verry old :p

    But found it and works like a charm

    Thanks A lot guys for your help will post a photo of the setup.

  15. johnny21

    johnny21 New Member

    Hi loocam,

    I have one request and hope you could help me:)
    What now happens when i make the photo takes a X time to transmit to the mac. Therefore the image is part gray on the screen. Meaning the photo could not fully loaded. Later in the slide show it works perfect.
    is there a way to solve this?
  16. Thelooca

    Thelooca Member

    i will look into it this weekend! I'm not able to reproduce the setting here but will post some tests...
  17. Thelooca

    Thelooca Member

    I've changed the composition a little bit (it should have 10Mb cache now...) don't know if it works for you... let me know!

    Downloadlink: http://goo.gl/NivXo
  18. gsbe

    gsbe New Member

    Theelooca- that's is awesome! Thanks so much.


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