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ADD U'r content to Compilation's by audio / visual?colletive!

Discussion in 'The Business Side' started by omananda, Dec 7, 2005.

  1. omananda

    omananda New Member

    Compilation DVD's co-produced by audio / visual?colletive!

    High, everone.

    This letter is my first recommendation of what I feel is necessary to produce compilation-DVD?s with the purpose to create an outlet for our art to flourish. Names are imperative right now. What matters is the vibe behind the project that should reflect the artist?s original intentions!

    I would like your suggestions & opinions of how to create a fair artists collective. I created this special forum where we can discuss this matter.

    I suggest to create a real artists-collective, because it makes no sense that profits go into ONE (greedy) person's pockets. Profits should be shared amongst the artists.

    (*1) ? please read on the end of document ?

    A few things here:

    What is referred to as;

    Profit - is what's left & earned after coordination, graphic design, & distribution is subtracted from the total production-cost.

    Coordination is the work that pulls people together. It might be done as a collaborative effort & might be eradicated, once we have an intelligent web-script installed that will automate this process, but for now we have a great volunteer in place.

    Graphic design is:

    cover, print, & interface art. (*value & position needs to be defined for this)


    @ this point would be an outside - entity that coordinates sales of the product, also responsible for printing the compilations (without prior costs from the artists). Our contract with them would be non-exclusive, so we can buy our copies at cost price. I have a distributor in place for this who is ready to print the moment we deliver our content.

    Pro's of a distributor like that are:

    We do not have to put up front money for printing services &

    Con's: They keep the price low and have total control of printed DVD's & sales.

    Another printing option I would prefer is this:

    If, let?s say; 10 artists that contributed art to the compilation put together 200 dollars each - it would be enough money to print the first run of DVD's ourselves. As a result, each artist would receive 100 DVD-copies that can be sold at individual sites, and where ever we like - for what ever we like. This way each of us could make 2000 dollars out of 200 dollars invested, and we can still sell to distributors on top of that!

    Who keeps the rights to the ART?

    Of course, content provide would of be non-exclusive and all rights to the art remains with the artist!

    PS: I am just writing this down here and want to form a contract together that we can all finalize by agreeing to it.

    Another thing = Quality!

    How do we keep the quality of the art high? A simple answer to this is: Let?s keep our art non-corrupted, meaning to not be producing for non-commercial purposes, yet with revenues trickling in ... that give us the chance to freely co-produce!

    Also; Quality control by a qualified person, or committee.

    I can volunteer to quality control & do connective work. I can also do design-work and pull in people from various parts of the world.


    I would like us all to create a contract together that would be understood, without any ?small? writings. I would like the sharing to begin with the first album printed & sold. I'd also like to invite a core-committee (of people) devoted to create such fair compilation-DVD's that are focused on heart-art, without the corruption of the "material" mind.


    Please suggest your opinion in this forum about such art-collective. (* you will need to login to post) & if you are interested in contribute you art, please contact us.




    I can see a way to share all artists revenues between the artists that co-publish their art, according to audio/visual contribution / per release. This can simply be calculated through the time & category (of production-value).

    To create a value-system, I would advise to create categories that will attach a value to each production-piece involved. The jury should- be all members included on that compilation so that everyone?s word would matter (*rainbow-style). I?d like your opinions on category value systems, please.

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