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Adobe after effects. What do you use it for?

Discussion in 'Software' started by hookturn, Apr 4, 2005.

  1. hookturn

    hookturn Reset

    I tend to use it to effect my footage mainly.
    I dont actually compose new animations with it too much.
    Too complecated at the mo.;)

    What do you use it for?
  2. xangadix

    xangadix Veejays.com-professionals


    compositing, effecting, time remapping, editing sometimes, painting... color I sometimes do in Combustion, but mostly in afx too.
    Animation and, ow and expressions of course :)

    If AFX could cook too, I'd marry it
  3. hookturn

    hookturn Reset

    How well do you get on with expressions?
    I found that they are quite hard to develop without using the whip.
  4. akira_k

    akira_k 8GB EUTour 2010 - book us

    I use it for fx'ing and for building animations. It's really not that complex, IMO, not more complex than Flash.

    Ggot to get into expressions and all that malarkey, though.
  5. kevenius

    kevenius New Member

    Mainly for animating, compositing and color correction!
  6. dontregister

    dontregister New Member

    the Tool !


    Keep up experiencing with AE. It's a wonderful tool for creating videos. I mainly work on compositing and titling with it.

    Expressions are not that simple, i must admit, but search the web or buy some book on amazon (Chris & Trish Meyer wrote a pair of excellent books on AE). You can really create stunning visuals with AE and composite entire scenes. I run a set for a live concert which was entirely composited with AE. A lot of work, i must admit.

    But now with Modul8, i also prepare my layers uncomposited with only an alpha layer included and i composite them during the concert. This way you have control over every element in your scene.

    Work hard on it, it'll pay !

  7. xangadix

    xangadix Veejays.com-professionals

  8. Amukidi

    Amukidi New Member

    Just don't let it "drive" your creations! It's so easy to end up with clips that have "After Effects" tatooed all over them (inna metephorical sense, of course). I'd suggest combining filters/effects as much as you can, cos we've all seen the stock effects, combining 2 or more suddenly opens up the floodgates of possibility!
  9. SilentEclipse

    SilentEclipse PH 5.9

    Remeber that there will be an After Effects master class at AVIT this year, check the timetable for details.
  10. Amukidi

    Amukidi New Member

    Good plan - I was going to add, get some training, it's a big app!
  11. syzygy

    syzygy non-verbal communication

    If you want to be in one of the two after effects sessions at AVITUK (one for beginners, one for those with experience) then make sure to register ASAP, before all the places go.

    Use the online registration form to book your place.

  12. syzygy

    syzygy non-verbal communication

    Totally agree with that. Things really come to life when you use multiple adjustment layers with different filters and using different transfer modes.

  13. Stuart

    Stuart New Member

    I use it for animation and compositing of 3D work. Often have big stacks of effects on a layer. As the other poster described, I now use it to prep individual layers for reassembly in modul8.
  14. wellREDman

    wellREDman Saitek Warrior

    mainly i use it to work with audio files ;)
  15. neoteo

    neoteo Active Member

    ohhh my favorit program , anything visual ...from moving to freezing.

    i dont do scripts yet :(

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