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Advance Tickets

Discussion in 'Leeds, UK 2002' started by Rovastar, Sep 20, 2002.

  1. Rovastar

    Rovastar /..\

    a) advance tickets. If I start avertising now I would like an incentive for people to sign up etc. And maybe a special number code to say they came from the AVIT side of thing.

    Important marketing/bargining for this time and future AVIt or any strong VJ presence events.

    b) CHeaper tickets for guests for us.
    I presume it is 1 VJ get one on the guestlist.

    But often club have a reduced rate for a paying guestlist as it where. WHat is the score here?

    Question to ask for this weekend.

    PM'ing unj with additional revenue stream idea.
  2. ToddGraft

    ToddGraft Megolamediac

    Good point m8
    I think we have a percentage of the door, which as you know is not a great %
    I will get on to him, i am sure he has noted your comments, I will chase him up

    If any one is looking for advanced tickets anyway, send me a PM.
  3. unjulation

    unjulation Moderator

    wellredman and jimmy(?) is comeing over to leeds tonight for a day or so, we have meetings booked with technique, the corn x and the town house, tomorow so all these ideas will be thrashed out today and put to the relervant parties, so if you got any q's let us know

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