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Discussion in 'Creating Content' started by loopjunkies, Aug 24, 2005.

  1. loopjunkies

    loopjunkies killa'

    Anyone knows some free plug-in site for AfterFX with some really cool stuff....
    And if anyone knows some cool tutorials for AFX too!?

    And one more question :D

    How to make a Skew transform...like action in photoshop... vith video in AFX! Tnx
  2. holly

    holly WetCircuit.com

  3. Westbam

    Westbam Golden Puppie

    SWEEET!! Free AE effects :) Thnx holly!!

    Some tutorials:

    Xtreme Basic (I learned it by following these vid torials)

    Ayoto (some cool effects)

    edit: but look arround at this forum, this is posted here before, and fore that too I think.
  4. loopjunkies

    loopjunkies killa'

    tnx a lot ppl! :)
  5. xangadix

    xangadix Veejays.com-professionals

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