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AKAI APC 40 and Resolume Avenue

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Daxx, Dec 26, 2009.

  1. Daxx

    Daxx New Member


    I'm planning to buy an Akai Apc 40 (http://www.akaipro.com/apc40) to use with resolume Avenue.

    Has anyone tried one or has an Akai apc 40? Is it solid, does the knobs and pads are easy to use (smooth, ...)?

    Currently I'm using a Korg MicroKontrol, but the apc 40 is better for resolume avenue I think.

    shout please:)

  2. bryandod

    bryandod Integrated Visions

    I use an akai APC 40 to VJ with Resolume and Modul8 and i love it. The hardware is very nice. Very smooth knobs and sliders. Its a nice heavy unit.
    There are some downsides to it though. The way that it handshakes with abelton live makes it trickier to program than most midi controllers. It doesnt come with any software to remap it, and the way it is laid out is kinda weird. For instance, None of the led lights will work without some trickery. I use Bome' s midi translator to make full use of my APC. Together they make a very powerful interface, but dont expect it to work the way you want it to out of the box.
  3. Daxx

    Daxx New Member

    Hi Bryandod,

    You say none of the ledlights will work without trickery, do you mean that they all stay dark when connecting to the computer/softwate? Or they won't react to anything you do in your software?

    Or which things aren't possible with the controller without the translator?
    Do you know if there is another solution then the bome midi translator?

    Tnx for the info!!

  4. Daxx

    Daxx New Member

    When using a midi translator (Bome, or are there any others that are also good?) is it possible to send some sort of midi out to the APC? So the leds will work in a descent way?
    I've ordered my APC 10 minutes ago:)

  5. bryandod

    bryandod Integrated Visions

    Yes, using Bome you can make the LED lights do whatever you want them to do. They have red, orange, and green lights behind the clip matrix buttons. The lights can be on, off or blinking. To make the lights come on, you send the same note the button sends back to the APC. The velocity of the note you send back will determine the the color of the light and if it is blinking. I forget the exact values for each color, but they are all between 0 - 8. I will gladly send you my bome project if you decide to try to get into it. It might help to reverse engineer it.
    Im sorry to take so long to respond. NYE gigs have got me going crazy. P Message me next week if you have any specific questions.
  6. Daxx

    Daxx New Member


    I'd love to use the project! But that will be something for the end of the month since it's quite busy for the moment!

    I'll pm you as soon as my APC is arrived!

    and Happy NY!
  7. vjair

    vjair Making Shapes

    a few questions....

    bryandod.... are you using it with resolume 2 or resolume avenue?

    do you need to use it via ableton or can you send to bome ( to achieve the feedback ) and then directly to your vj software?

    are you able to assign all the controls to be ued within the vj software or are there any which are of no use?
  8. Daxx

    Daxx New Member

    Since I don't knowanything about midi translators I went searching on the net and found Midi Pipe. Do you think you can achieve the same possibilities with midi pipe as with the bome translator? Midi pipe is free you know :)

    My Apc40 will arrive in 4 days, can't wait!
  9. AdamMc

    AdamMc New Member

    Hey Daxx,

    How is the APC40? I recently got an MPD40 but im wanting to upgrade already and the APC looks awsome! Did you manage to sort out the LED feedback?

  10. StereoVJ

    StereoVJ New Member

    Here is the midi implementation of the APC40
  11. henrygq

    henrygq New Member

    hey briandodd

    i recently purchased the apc 40 and was hoping to use it along side the serato scratch, and mix emergency plugin for video, i was hoping to light up all the leds on the akai, and kind of have them in different colors with the buttons, but when u hit a button it changes color or flashes, which ever =]

    is this possible with bome.. and is it easy to set up ? i have midi pipe, but it seems as if midi pipe only shoots the signal back n forth, seeing how scratch cant do that


    henry gq
  12. Subvert

    Subvert New Member

    triggering APC40 LEDs

    Hey henrygq, it's pretty easy to set up in Bome's Midi Translator. At first it's a bit confusing if you (like me) don't know much about midi, but getting the LEDs to behave is not hard. So here are the absolute basics:

    For Buttons, basically you have to send back the same NoteON with the velocity corresponding to your desired button color (00:eek:ff, 01:green, 02:blinking green, 03:red, 04:blinking, 05:eek:range, 06:blinking, 07-127:green).
    example - upper left button:
    when released the button sends: 80 35 7F
    to trigger the led, send back to the controller: 90 35 01 (or 02/03/04/05/06 whichever you like)

    For LED-Rings you have to trigger the mode by sending the knobs controller-nr + 8 on the same channel with the following parameters: 00:no LED ring, 01:simple, 02:solid, 03:pan/solid back to the controller. You can trigger this with the knob itself, or set the mode with another button, just like with the color of the buttons.
    example - upper right knob (track control 4):
    when turned, the controller sends: B0 33 val (00-7F)
    to trigger the desired led mode, send back: B0 3B mode (00/01/02/03)
    (33+8 = 3B - proceed like that for every controller you want to change)

    if you want to light multiple buttons then you'll just have to send a signal for each button, it's a pretty tedious work but it's not complicated to do with Bome's MIDI Translator.

    Now as I understand so far this is pretty basic stuff, and I'm just learning by doing (and by what I can find in all the forums) - so please correct me if there's a mistake in there. But all together, these were the piece of information I needed to find my way with the midi implementation PDF posted on the first page.
  13. sleepytom

    sleepytom VJF Admin

    not sure i can see the point of lighting up the leds without feedback from the software? Surely you want the led to indicate if its clip is playing or not? which you cannot do unless you have a software which gives midi out.
  14. Subvert

    Subvert New Member

    True, but you can do simple stuff like indicating the selected layer or simply lightening up the buttons in groups or setting the LED ring mode to better visualize what you are doing.
    Besides, if you trigger the clips on their own layer, it's really no problem getting the desired behaviour from the buttons without any feedback, just a lot of rules to set up.
  15. sleepytom

    sleepytom VJF Admin

    how can you indicate anything about the state of the software without midi out from the software?
    you cannot! all you can do is indicate which button was last pushed on the controller, which is basically useless.
  16. Subvert

    Subvert New Member

    Yes, I know. But for everything that has to do with switching between buttons (layer selection, clip to own layer, etc), you can setup the controller to reflect what you are doing. It helps, and as I am very unlikely to use my mouse during a show, it works for me. But it's for everybody to decide themselves if it is worth the effort.

    Now believe me I do know that this isn't accurate and that the main benefit of LED feedback would be to indicate what the software is actually doing - which you cannot achieve without MIDI feedback, thats perfectly clear. But as I'd have purchased this controller even if it had no LEDs at all (the layout is awesome for me), tweaking the lights to give me a little information about what I am doing is already great.

    Even though it's no real feedback, having the LED rings show what type of control I'm using them for, for example, has proven to be awesome when dealing with a lot of effects.
    I'm never said you can actually make any real feedback happen, just that you can increase the usability of the controller by making it indicate certain actions.
    Last edited: Mar 16, 2010
  17. VJ Vertex

    VJ Vertex New Member

    i know this topic is not really up to date...
    but maybe someone have a solution.

    i have an apc40 and bome 1.7 (Win).
    My problem is, i want to push a scene button and then it should do some green blinking (works at the moment), but than i press another button to start another clip and i want to stop blinking the first one.

    what i did until now:
    incoming goes to bome
    outgoing goes to apc40 & resolume (in resolume i choose bome not apc40 as midi-device)

    @ Subvert, vielleicht k├Ânnen wir uns ja auch mal per Email austauschen oder so ;)
    Last edited: May 28, 2010
  18. 1000errors

    1000errors New Member

    Hello I would absolutely love it if you could send me the bome project? Do you know if it requires buying bomes to edit it or can it be editied with the trial version. Basically I have MT Player (the runtime version of bomes that I got when buying the native kontrol presets for ableton and the apc40)
    but MT player has no editing functions.
    I would really love to try out your setup though. thanks alot if you could send it to me on 1000errors@gmail.com :D
  19. E23

    E23 New Member

    Hi everyone and sorry that I reply to this 2009 post :eek:
    Recently I bought an Apc40 MK2 as my first controller and I use Resolume Arena and Macbook. It's such a nice controller but the only thing which consfuses me is the LED lights!

    When I open Resolume, MK2's buttons won't shine to show me where the clips exactly are on the deck, so it's a little inconvenient for me. However I can still trigger clips with MK2 and when clips are triggered, the corresponded buttons will shine orange until they stop playing!

    I really hope the lights can work, to show where the clips are as what they look like on Resolume's decks!:(

    After searching the internet, I saw many people use Bome's to set up their MIDI controllers. I don't know much about MIDI. I tried to follow Subvert's guide but it didn't work as your discription. I didn't know if I totally misunderstood something.Or there are different ways to set Apc40 and Apc40 MK2?
    I turned on MK2 and Bome's and here are my settings: (Should I open Resolume too?)
    MK2 buttons shine orange at the moment I press them as usual. Nothing different except for that.

    How can I make the lights on to show the clips' places on Resolume deck and how to change color?
    My question and my English may be stupid but I really need some help. Thank you!

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