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Alien Invasion at the Village Fete...?

Discussion in 'Finding Content' started by joni*roco, May 15, 2006.

  1. joni*roco

    joni*roco New Member

    No thats not a typing error...

    I'm looking for some footage of some old school sci-fi/alien movies (a-la Metropolis) and some random village summer fete footage...all out Morris Dancing/Maypole/Merry-go-round type stuff!

    Very random I know...but if you know of anywhere I can get hold of some material, I'd be very grateful!
  2. unjulation

    unjulation Moderator

    the sci-fi stuf your going to have to sample from the actual movies - local vid/dvd store, seconed hand markets or any of the useawell places that peeps download movies from the inter-web

    as for the vilage fair stuf have you tryed - http://www.archive.org/

    or any of the places that are sticked at the top of the finding content section
  3. evomedia

    evomedia Control Freaks

    old black and white stuff look at archive.org
  4. evomedia

    evomedia Control Freaks

    lol there you go same place, posted at same time
  5. unjulation

    unjulation Moderator

  6. Rovastar

    Rovastar /..\


    BIOPTIX User#7

    'The Wicker man' has got some classic pagan village ritual dancing-about-in-the-nuddie-with-flowers-in-hair type o thing. Its a bloody good film too, if you haven't seen it yet.
  8. unjulation

    unjulation Moderator

    ah well you gonna have to be quicker then that - all this semi-clean living is puting me back in the zone - not quite sure which one yet but hay - anyway i diegress back to the topic in hand...................................... :)

    what age in history for the summer fate stuf are you after?
  9. joni*roco

    joni*roco New Member

    Cheers for the links etc, archive.org is the mutts nuts! Found quite a bit of useful stuff on there, although Village Fete's dont seem to be high up on the list of available footage anywhere....suprisingly!!

    No preference in age...just want anything fete-y!
  10. unjulation

    unjulation Moderator

    ah well the that opens it up to use anything from the 80's itv serias robin of sherwood which is beeing reshown on itv 3 i belive, to things like jabbawokey, excaliaba, theres loads of medival movies out there that are bound to have fate sceens in, its a clasic sceen seter for most stories.

    also think about bbc/chanall 4 documentries/education based progs bound to be some stuf there just check out whats on the box for the next couple of weeks
  11. many2

    many2 Active Member

    For the village festival part you can take a look at the old "safety dance" video clip from the men without hats - I loved that video when I was young :)
  12. hookturn

    hookturn Reset

    I remember

    He he.
    Flashbacks for the safety dance.

    What was that video about?
  13. sleepytom

    sleepytom VJF Admin

  14. VGA

    VGA ...

    yo get straight to your jungian archetypal nastyness with some old Doctor Who go buy a copy of The Daemons for 5:devil: p from your local charity shop(trans(ozzie) op shop). wtf dr who keeps gettin younger eh

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