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Angels/Religious type clips

Discussion in 'Finding Content' started by Hectic, Jan 7, 2007.

  1. Hectic

    Hectic New Member

    I have a track called "Angelic" that I want to make an extended video for and I am looking for any form of religious visual clips, particularly ones of angels or the like. Does anyone have any idea of where I could look for this sort of material? Thanks in advance.
  2. SteveG

    SteveG Downstairs for Dancing

    Try a search Hectic...this sort of material was discussed a couple of weeks ago...and the sites that provide such material were outlined.
  3. xangadix

    xangadix Veejays.com-professionals

  4. deepvisual

    deepvisual visually challenged

    search for russian icons.
  5. Hectic

    Hectic New Member

    Thanks for your help everyone!
  6. scharke

    scharke New Member

    Jesus clips

    I posted a bunch of crucifix clips on my Vimeo site, user:pgeek. I have more, some nice Virgin Mary clips and cathedrel interiors as well.
  7. Hectic

    Hectic New Member

    Cool, thanks. What's the URL? The one in your signature? I didn't see those clips you mentioned on there.
  8. scharke

    scharke New Member

    Here is the link to one of several clips on my Vimeo site:

    <embed src="http://web1.vimeo.com/moogaloop.swf?clip_id=120162" quality="best" scale="exactfit" width="400" height="300" type="application/x-shockwave-flash"></embed>
    <br><a href="http://www.vimeo.com/clip=120162">Jesus Zoom In</a> on <a href="http://www.vimeo.com/">Vimeo</a>
  9. THC

    THC Member

  10. TubeVision

    TubeVision Vj+Drummer

    have any idea how to rip the movies form vimeo?
    hectic maby its an idea to consider if u want to show the "bad side"of the angel of the good side of it i mean, u can make something with a lot of beautifull things and shit but u can allso make something that puts the angel is a different angle. know what i mean?
    think about it
  11. Hectic

    Hectic New Member

    I know what you mean. I am looking more to put the angel in a good light rather than a bad light. If you listen to the song I have in mind, it is very uplifting. So nothing too dark in that case. You can check it, "Angelic", out at www.soundclick.com/djhectic
  12. Hectic

    Hectic New Member

    Thanks. How do I go about downloading these clips? If that is possible?
  13. Hectic

    Hectic New Member

    Yes I was wondering that. How do you go about downloading the movies from vimeo? I am looking to portray a good side of the angel. The track I have in mind is very dramatic but also uplifting. I want something to reflect that.
  14. scharke

    scharke New Member

    Under each clip on Vimeo is a link to download the file that was originally uploaded. This is why Vimeo is great for sharing files.
  15. Hectic

    Hectic New Member

    Thanks. I've just downloaded the clips. Am I ok to use them in my project?
  16. scharke

    scharke New Member

    Ya, I'm going to post some really nice Virgin Mary clips that I shot on the same trip so check back on my Vimeo page. Feel free to use it all. Let my children live!
  17. Hectic

    Hectic New Member

    Thanks. I appreciate it.
  18. deepvisual

    deepvisual visually challenged

    sounds to me like a trip to the local graveyard is due.
    if you are close to london, try highgate cemetary and Abney park cemetary in stoke newington.
    Londons victorian crems are full of this sort of stuff...


    others are here

  19. djdavehaft

    djdavehaft New Member

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