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ARKAOS CARBON3.0: "frame rate" message at top of the screen

Discussion in 'Software' started by ovejapollo, Apr 7, 2005.

  1. ovejapollo

    ovejapollo New Member

    hi again to all.
    heres the trouble:

    playing in arkaos I get this message at the top of the preview window "frame rate 32.56694 " the numbers change evry time I play a video.

    The probles is that this same message appears on the projector!! evrybody sees it!

    anyone can help?

    thanks in advance
    (sory for the bad english)
  2. Excalibas

    Excalibas low budget VJ

    Go to arkaos in the menu bar and disable display statistics.
  3. ovejapollo

    ovejapollo New Member

    muito o'brigado ... now a have a clean screen.

    what is that message? what does it mean?
  4. kallisti

    kallisti hypermasher

    it's a indicator of frame rate... how many frames per second.
  5. XPz

    XPz New Member

    why do you use this old version ? now stats are on the preview window.
    the upgrade to VJ 3.0.3 is free and it's much better ! (loops selection, speed control, new effects...)

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