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arkaos latency

Discussion in 'Software' started by sketchyj, May 2, 2005.

  1. sketchyj

    sketchyj New Member

    i like to trigger quick clips in arkaos to beat match, but sometimes i get latency problems, especially when triggering clips with effects...
    my clips are stored on a 7200 rpm 8mb cache external hard drive
    i've tried using other settings such as load into ram, double buffering, system memory, and video memory but nothing helps....
    maybe using 2 hard drives?? anyone try this? i'm trying to figure out where the problem is....
    my laptop is a 3.4 ghz P4 1gb ram, 128mb nvidia geforce 5700 ....
    maybe its the sofware? i'm using arkaos 3.01
    any suggestions?
  2. johnnylocust

    johnnylocust R3dN3cK \/_/

    2 hard drives will help somewhat. If you do go that route, make sure they're on different IDE busses.
  3. videoteque

    videoteque New Member

    More a problem of the software than the configuration... Pre-load to RAM should help in getting the videos SNAP!
  4. loboy

    loboy ~

    -keep your file sizes small
    -get a lot of RAM
    -load clips into RAM

    the more intensive the CPU operation (effects, layering...), the more latency.

    encoding your clips at a lower bit rate may solve some latency issues, but alas, sacrificing quality.

    I have been using Arkaos on a G5 with 2 Gb of RAM and my clips are 720 x 480 (~50MB), uncompressed, on a separate dedicated hard drive. Trying to push DVD quality clips through Arkaos is extremely painful. In addition, trying to do this over MIDI, results in at least a 1 second delay.
  5. sketchyj

    sketchyj New Member

    i am also using avi clips at 720 x 480....
    however, out of 400 clips that i programmed for the gig this week, only about 10 or so had problems...
    i was able to fix them by going back into AE and re-encoding them at the speed i wanted rather than trying to adjust the speed in Arkaos and this worked fine.
    pre loading into RAM wasn't helping
  6. brunomarinho

    brunomarinho New Member

    what r u using? firewire or usb 2.0? I only have results with firewire, i?m workin?with 720/480 mov?s ~6MB
  7. neoteo

    neoteo Active Member

    my 2 cents

    sometimes nothing can do miricles , not cpu clock or amount of ram

    as you know there is diferent kind of compressions

    some are linear , fixed bit rate ( worse quality )

    and variable bit rate .. ( better quality , but can suck all your processing power )

    my guess is that especific video file as too many color changes, so the codec cant andle it when adding affects, the soft lowers speed cose is reading from a lot more bit rate then you think ...

    as you know we are far from dealing with uncompressed video with owr modest home computers/harddrives ... when variable bit rate codecs cant compress they reach almost the uncompressed video bit rates

    for this problem , one of those 7 harddrive raid 0 discs

    those can play uncompressed video ... but cost a lot as well

    as for the software , i dont know if any vj soft with actual cpu & gpu are ready for dealing with uncompressed video ...

    this codec problem as been terrible for me and i guess to most vjs , most of my videos are full of color changes , no matter how good the codec is .. always sucs comparing to the uncompressed preview in after effetcs ...
  8. XPz

    XPz New Member

    my config is not as good as yours and I have no problem with PAL resolution, try using AVI MJPEG or QuickTime PhotoJPEG codecs.
    their 'load into RAM' option seems to only works with QuickTime clips... But you shouldn't need it.

    avoid having lots of applications running at the same time. have a look at the running threads and the CPU consuming to see if there is nothing else using too much CPU.
  9. asterix

    asterix IMAGINEER

    Dude if your gonna run full PAL res clips you'll need at least 2 gig of RAM.

    CHECK THE SPEED OF YOU LAPPY RAM. Most manufacturers spit out these so called high end lappy's with you beaut P4 processors then feed shitty SDR ram or low end DDR into them... even 1 GHZ of slow ram can increase your latency drastically.

    Try a lower resolution. You'd be surprised how good it can look on screen!
  10. sketchyj

    sketchyj New Member

    about that....
    i was wondering if, at the gig, i should turn off the preview window in arkaos, and only use an external monitor to preview the output? the output to my projectors is 600x800 and im running my laptop screen at 1400x900 or something like that. i wonder if that laptop preview window hurts performance?
  11. syzygy

    syzygy non-verbal communication

    try it and see what happens.

    The thing about performance testing is that every setup is different. The only way to know for sure what difference something will make to performance is to test it.
  12. XPz

    XPz New Member

    with the option menu ArKaos / display statistics you can see the FPS.

    I think the preview window and the monitor resolution will have no effect on performances

    try to find the good codecs and maybe use a software to batch convert all your movie files. if you're scratching or playing your movies at different rates, use 1 keyframe per frame.
  13. Alphawave

    Alphawave New Member

    I dont know if im right or not but i do know what i know from seeing outher VJ's using Arkos and the thing we found was simply this...

    My m8s and freinds make vid files and use in arkaos but use @ crapp res of 320x200 but there compressors range accross the board Microsoft A codec and so on where i allways use cinepak @ 640x480 and make loops ok little pastley in colour but my puter isnt decompressing large files and to decompress cinpak is not so hard wearing... as i create loops that layer with loops and working with 16 beat bar patterns so they work intime with most beat patterns

    rather than having large files even uncompressed with take up bandwith and is caining your hd to fuck. i use lots of little endless loops files from 3.5 mb to 12 mb,ok some are longer and bigger but the core visuals will be around 30 of these size files with 3 vids and 3 fx running at same time and my little 1.8gb p4 loves it :) and is workable live!! but thats something i personally do cos i dont like dragin base units to gigs looks gay and pack down is annoyying, Small Pro setup looks better and all fits in two bags even with the 4x 5 meter screen, (Dont ask own design small pack lightwight dual vison screen) orrff lets get mobile :mad:)

    So thats my comment is ya are willing to compromise the crisp edged artwork for realtime speed maybe change to codec and save the HD, but there again your all a bunch of power users so its not really a solution, :mad:)

    N e wayz, ta 4 now,

    Good luck

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