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Assembly :: AV Night in Bristol, June 18th @ Timbuk2

Discussion in 'VJ Events' started by fata alex, Jun 1, 2010.

  1. fata alex

    fata alex analog VJ

    Hi guys,
    We've got our 2nd assembly night coming up, if any of you in the Southwest UK fancy a little party in a few weeks....
    Lineup is as follows:

    Kry Wolf
    Bringing their unique brand of Bassline Rave Electro to rock the dancefloor

    Run Seven
    Premiering his new AV set, Run Seven produces amazing electro that blends the old classic sounds of the 80s with new upfront bass-heavy dancefloor styles. This will be the club premier of Run Seven's graphical work as well, as he's creating a special AV set with animations set to match his musical masterpieces.

    Jonny is one of Cornwall's top producers of the moment, following in the footsteps of Aphex Twin and the Rephlex family, he makes twisted tunes combining crazy beats with the most beautiful of melodies.

    Space Panic
    A new AV side-project from some of Assembly's residents, featuring chip-tune infused music and visuals. Expect SID melodies over dubstep, and horribly pixelated 3D mazes made out of crass animated gifs.

    And on the visual front we've got the following artists to entertian your eyes:

    These guys seriously know what they're doing when it comes to projections. They're usually entertaining peoples eyes and brains at the biggest festivals, so this is a great chance to catch their completely hardware based set in a small club environment.

    Film & video artists turning their hand to club visuals...expect something special!

    VJ EDA
    Custom made live psychedelics going straight into your eyes! thats what EDA's all about, get your UV paint at the ready

    All the more detailed event info can be found here:


    and here's our facebook group, so you can keep up to date with what we're up to:
    pictures from the first night are up there as well...

    And here's a video from the first night, showing (not very well!) the sound reactive speaker mapping we did in the main room:

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