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AVIT Announce #1

Discussion in 'Leeds, UK 2002' started by spark, Sep 6, 2002.

  1. spark

    spark cut-up, composit, create

    The first AVIT-ANNOUNCE, essential reading for aviteers.

    // www.avit.org.uk and info@avit.org.uk are both open for business!

    // just so there are no fuck-ups, if you think you are already down for playing or participating at AVIT, then make sure to tell us officially through the relevant participate form on the avit.org.uk site. if we get that its guaranteed you'll be scheduled in. otherwise you're betting on our memories and a number of unconnected lists...

    // once you've done that we can feature you on the avit site: put your biog info into your profile at vjcentral, we'll link to it from the avit site. ostenisbly this makes the vjc site better but really i'll be here forever doing it manually...

    // then send info@avit.org.uk some 320x240 jpegs of your stuff: gig photos, mix stills, logos etc. the site needs livening up - it is about visuals after all!

    // and if you don't have a sentence or two on the participate page, then email me with something in the same vein. whats up there already was culled from the press pack.

    // if you have a promo edit or suitable live clip we could stream from the site, let me know... work in progress at the mo.

    // London Meeting: Wednesday 18th September, 6pm, upstairs at the AKA bar with a drink. Cunningly enough, straight afterwards Vectors will kick off for its first birthday, with BBC R1 vj resident Kriel and Hexstatic headlining, not to mention vj Anyone or the usual crew there... www.anyone.org.uk/vectors

    It's all coming together... get yourselves on the website and start prepping those clips!

    Toby aka *spark

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