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AVIT Announce #4 - London Meet Up Details

Discussion in 'Leeds, UK 2002' started by Anyone, Sep 13, 2002.

  1. Anyone

    Anyone New Member

    Avit Meeting In Person

    Hi all,

    just a quick word to say that everyone interested are invited for a face to face AVIT meeting before next Vectors. Please find the details below:

    Wednesday 18 September 2002, 4PM
    AKA bar (next door to The End club)
    18 West Central Street WC1, London

    nearest tube stations :
    halfway between Holborn and Tottenham Court Road

    Please try to show up on time,
    as we will them proceed to the nearest pub
    before AKA 's doors open (6pm)

    if you need more info
    just reply to this post !

    CU then, NE1
  2. spark

    spark cut-up, composit, create

    note the time change from AVIT Announce #1, ppl.

    thats 4pm.
  3. Anyone

    Anyone New Member

    2 birds 1 stone

    oh and while you're at it,

    please bring me a demo if you're interested in doing future Vectors nights ...:) :)
  4. matttinsley

    matttinsley Member

    Hi , I am going to vectors but cant make it at four, i got a work till 7, so see you in the club from then.

    Matt - Visualnaut
  5. unjulation

    unjulation Moderator

    right i've just got in after a 5hour coauch journey, blody road works, i feel i can saftly ssy that things in the real world are looking good, i'll let the outhers speek for themselves, but for me its was grate to met up with one and all that were there and things feel a lot more tangabal than before
    the outher thing i need to say is i've just started sifting through 60+ mails so anyone who sent me one will be replied to presently

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