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AVIT^C3 documentation

Discussion in 'Berlin, Germany (2004)' started by tybalt, Jan 17, 2005.

  1. tybalt

    tybalt Artificial Lifeform

    Hello again,

    Sorry for the new thread I am afraid that this important message might go under in the other threads. First of all we work hard on the Congress website with a new way to look at the lectures and workshops with links to all related material and slides. That will come very soon. Thanks for all lectureres who send in their material.

    For the DVD collection that will go on sale with all lectures in taped form I need the ones that got taped by one person whos name I simply forgot... I am very sorry but I hope you know who you are. You have been so extremly helpfull with taping all the lectures and workshops (most of them anyway) with your own camera and I have not gotten your number or email adress and we can not make you out for some odd reason. If you read this please contact us as soon as possible.

    Then there goes a call out for photos/footage. I have recieved some cool photos from some of you but since we want to apply for funding for next year we are still looking for the true killer photo and possibly some video footage of the event and its surroundings. If you have anything please try to send us as much as possible in an as high as possible resolution (so HDV is not needed ;) Would be best if you could send us Films in DV Format on a DVD disk? Please contact us if you have anything so we can arrange for it to get over here. I know there must be more pictorial documentation out there then we already have since I have seen so many of you taking photos and shooting with the camera...

    The third thing is a bit odd:
    We have taped almost all the scheduled VJ showcases at night - which is nice... they are here nicely and secure on my harddrive. They are all in DV quality and make for a cool 200GB...
    Now here is the thing..We don?t know if the VJs are happy about this beeing distributed in some way. To make it clear the music on the recordings is not free which means unless we are in for a lawsuit action there is no way to make this into the official CCC DVD set which is a bummer and something we try to avoid for next year... but we do have these recordings and since the motto of AVIT was "Pixel want to be free" we want to free them from their local harddrive. If you agree that we should make a torrent out of your visuals and make them privately available please send us a mail. It will be all for free and noone gets or earns any money all for the fame with proper credits... If you just want to have your set on DVD please also send us a mail...

    So much for now more soon...
  2. spark

    spark cut-up, composit, create

    Its great to see the documentation effort coming on - its always the thing that drops through. My talk's presentation has been sent through for the dvd, looking forward to seeing the official CCC DVD and the website with it all linked in - what a treasure.

    As for the video, its kinda embarassing the rights didn't get sorted in advance - though it was common knowledge and pretty damn obvious the sets were being recorded. That the sets got recorded is supercool - a real snapshot of the state of VJing by the close of 2004.

    Having said that, for my showcase there is no way in heaven or hell i'm allowing it to be released. It is still a new piece I am developing and hope to release it officially. I am cool for <1min extracts to be used in promotional material for AVIT/CCC, thats different.

    As a general rule, and certainly anything that goes up on www.avit.info unless otherwise stated, all AVIT documentation/outcomes are licensed under the creative common's attribution-noncommercial-sharealike license. essentially you're free to use the resources avit has created but anything you make using them must be fully credited and released under the same terms.



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