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AVIT - Kezmarok - 09.07.22-25

Discussion in 'Past AVIT Events' started by .lov., Jul 6, 2009.

  1. .lov.

    .lov. Luma Beamerz

    From July 22nd to the 25th the international VJ community AVIT will convene its first central European VJ Festival in the beautiful town of Kezmarok in the Tatras of Slovakia.
    Well known visual media artists from all over Europe will come to Kezmarok to perform, teach and talk about this fast growing medium. There will be public events in the main square, video projection mappings on the medieval castle of Kezmarok, workshops for young VJ’s, open jam sessions and more. The event will bring together the VJ community creating a bridge between the east and west of Europe with the hope of establishing a new and much needed platform for the medium and a new channel for common dialog within the European community.
    AVIT has spread worldwide via vjcentral.com & vjforums.com. It has organized conferences throughout Europe and the Americas since 2002 and is relaunching with a core group that aims to assist other VJ’s producing events for the growing community around the world.
    All events are open to the general public and will be encouraged to partake in them.

  2. pixelschubser

    pixelschubser Member

    looking forward to see you there
  3. .lov.

    .lov. Luma Beamerz

    me too :cheers:
  4. zambari

    zambari video freak


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