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beach themed stuff

Discussion in 'Finding Content' started by gnomatron, May 17, 2006.

  1. gnomatron

    gnomatron two5 studio

    hi all,

    I need clips for a "beach party" theme night this friday. Have found a bunch of stuff on archive.org that's quite nice, but any other interesting stuff would be good.
  2. deepvisual

    deepvisual visually challenged

    look for a movie called "beach blanket bingo".
    They don't make 'em like that anymore.

    BIOPTIX User#7

    You could add a twist to that theme with a few clips from films like 'Robinson Crusoe' 'Shipwrecked' 'Lord of the flies' etc... maybe turn it into a theme within a theme which develops throughout the night. Start off with a big storm and a shipwreck (or several) as the night progresses the various characters could all 'meet up' and you could finish with a full moon Tai beach rave ala 'The beach'. Just an idea...it's a lot to prepare tho if the gig is this friday! Good luck.
  4. gnomatron

    gnomatron two5 studio

    great idea!

    Probably a bit much to get ready before friday, but i'll keep it in mind for next time there's a beach party theme night.

    I'm doing a blue-screen "virtual beach" thing, which I'm hoping works out ok, so some nice simple beach backdrops would be good; I've found a few already, more might be good.
  5. holly

    holly WetCircuit.com

    Coincidently, I just played Ft Lauderdale. :D

    1:00min, 320*240 QT, Click the photo to go to the link.

    I raced to get this up before I go off the grid again (gotta pack right now!) so I apologize if for some reason it won't download for you. It's a minute long -- should be good enough for a little scratching or speed-up...The sky might even chromakey.
    Sorry it's only 320, but i don't have much bandwidth here.

  6. gnomatron

    gnomatron two5 studio

    That's great, thanks very much! 320 is fine, it's what I use mostly anyway; I prefer quick responsive clips, and I'm just using a laptop at the moment.
  7. many2

    many2 Active Member

    I love your idea :)

    BIOPTIX User#7

    Cheers mate

    It might work better as a pre recorded film remix to look really convincing. It would take a hell of a lot of pre planning and prep work to pull it off live.

    I like the 'virtual beach' concept too, I'm really into immersive environments. Should be a good gig methinks!
  9. holly

    holly WetCircuit.com

  10. gnomatron

    gnomatron two5 studio

    haha, awesome, I love it!

    I have a beach party next weekend, actually, not sure if I'm doing visuals at it or not though, mind you.
  11. dongbamage

    dongbamage Bad Ass VJ

    hey man we just did a beach party gig, sources were:

    Sponge Bob Square Pants the movie ,Elvis Aloha from hawaii , windowlicker, baywatch, anything hasslehoff, maori stuff, spring break a whole bunch of random generic beach themed bs plus some loverly beach shots and a whole bunch of sexc ladies ;)

    chuck in a bit of live feed and u've only got 40 or so hours work :p
  12. gnomatron

    gnomatron two5 studio

    Actually, for the first beach party that i was talking about above i made a very rough and ready bluescreen rig, which worked fairly well, and just superimposed some of the punters onto the beach. They liked it and it was interesting to try. I didn't do very much with it, mind you, but it was fun anyway.

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