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Birthday party for Frankie Howerd- Peterborough

Discussion in 'Gig Reports' started by Gumby, Mar 8, 2009.

  1. Gumby

    Gumby I've given money to VJForums

    Mock birthday party for the late Frankie Howerd (Ooer missus), all rock/metal music.

    This time my laptop worked, eventually, but the bars beamer was being temperamental and eventually the sound guy found the right plug and got it working.

    There was this polish bloke who just started break dancing in the middle of the gig which everyone found hilarious, even though he was being deadly serisous (and drunk). He also kept coming up to me asking if I could put some Techno or Disco on, to which I tried through the use of my best hand signals that I wasn't the DJ.

    Oh and also some woman (rather good looking too) came up to me and wanted to talk about the one fractal clip i was using because she made fractals (or something like that). Clearly I wasn't in the mood for talking since I was busy and wasn't drunk enough for talking to strange women as I was driving that night.
    This lead me to think of a t-shirt design:

    On the front it would say "I'm NOT the DJ" and on the back and or sleeves says "VJ at work. DO NOT Disturb"

    all in all a good gig, even if I wasn't getting paid.
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