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Blaupunkt DVM-2000 & Blue Box

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Meierhans, Apr 22, 2002.

  1. Meierhans

    Meierhans Spezialmusik

    A friend of mine got a Blaupunkt DVM-2000 (looks as if its the Panasonic WJ-AVE5)

    He wants to to something with a live bluebox, and i really don`t know enough about videomixers right now to get it working.

    So this mixer got 2 normal inputs and a keying input. We want to have the picture of input 1 in the parts of the picture, where keying input is black, and picture 2 in parts where key is white.

    We only managed to get a single colored overlay with the keying input.

    Does anybody knows if this mixer can do what we want, and if it can do it... how do we get it working?


    Added later...

    from VJcentral:

    This means it can`t do what we want... if i understood it the right way.
  2. MoRpH

    MoRpH Moderator

    "check out the big brain on brad".......... hehehe nothing beats a pulp fiction quote [​IMG]
  3. Meierhans

    Meierhans Spezialmusik

    Triii Traaaa Trulallaaa!


  4. peri

    peri There is no cure for me!

    is the same


    The Blaupunt unit is the same as a Panasonic. Panasonic used to supply them as OEM to Blaupunt and JVC


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