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Burning Man 2013

Discussion in 'The Meeting Point' started by homing, Mar 1, 2013.

  1. homing

    homing Member

    So , who's going to burning man this year ?
    It's gonna be my first experience on the playa, but i'd love to help with some video project / construction of something video related.
  2. mindbenders

    mindbenders New Member

    My buddy is going, he's going to bring an LZX modular synthesizer to do video with. If anybody has a place for him to play this year, hit me up.
  3. homing

    homing Member

    I'm starting to think that a facebook group to do somenetworking would be usefull.
  4. stickygreen

    stickygreen this is my custom title

    Check it out, MediaVictim, and myself have done Burning Man many times.
    In 09 we did a video install with one of the dance camps. Turned it into a documentary mini series to.

    here is the trailer. it's a decent video series.

    Last edited: Apr 11, 2013
  5. homing

    homing Member

    Stickygreen : niiiiiice , I'll check that doc !
    Are you going this year ?
  6. stickygreen

    stickygreen this is my custom title

    I'm not, but Ryan might be, you'd have to ask him..
    I've got other priorities in life these days. Like running a store, and trying to keep up with VJ technology, before i become completely obsolete.
  7. homing

    homing Member

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