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Buying content

Discussion in 'Finding Content' started by 6071842, Nov 29, 2006.

  1. 6071842

    6071842 I've given money to VJForums

    do many people do this? is it a reguar thing or a one off? all comments would be appreciated. Thanks!
  2. pa235

    pa235 Phreaky Geeky

    I don't buy content and I have found no people to buy it when I sell it. Such is life.
  3. Motionreactor

    Motionreactor www.motionreactor.net

    Yes I found a similar experience. The interest level in buying content is low.
  4. 6071842

    6071842 I've given money to VJForums

    have you tried to sell them also?
  5. vjair

    vjair Making Shapes

    this is not aimed at anyone, but is my view as a buyer:

    personally as someone who does pay for some content, i think the key is to not offer me countless videos which use the presets in AE, something which is far too common in "content librarys" in my experience. there are some suppliers who i return to again and again because i can see that thier content gives me something a little different from the normal"plasma clouds" and other AE standard fare. for me the main thing i look for when buyin gcontent is that it is something that i either cannot produce or would take me too long to learn.
  6. robotfunk

    robotfunk Feed your Machine

    what vjair said.
    there's too much filler available, I'd buy something if it was really special.
    I wonder how much topherz sold of his dandelion disc, that's an example that would be worth buying in my book.
  7. Motionreactor

    Motionreactor www.motionreactor.net

    Yes I've tried selling. My clips weren't presets, they were unique.. but they weren't incredibly interesting either and I only was testing the whole idea. I just don't see value for money putting the time into selling content. I'm not a VJ though, so I was only producing for sale and therefore wasn't using my own clips and getting value from producing them in that way.

    I asked the question on the forum, what kinds / styles etc of content people were interested in. I got one or two serious replies and the rest were offtopic.
  8. vjair

    vjair Making Shapes

    yeah, i'd agree on the dandelion disks, they have some interesting original content i have a few of them myself, and motionloops.com is another favourite of mine - realy nice renderring on the 3d stuff and some interesting alternative styes of footage on there too. i think the key to a lot of the motionloops and dandelion stuff is that a lot of it is made by VJ's, so maybe they avoid the slightly more obvious as theyve seen it all themselves.
  9. SteveG

    SteveG Downstairs for Dancing

    More clips on the "dark side" of things would be great, also multiple clips that you can make good narratives from if that makes sense. I'd also like to see more clear un-effected film work available so that you can add your own effects and stamp on, not just adding more and more effects to clips that allready have more than enough. Cheap clear film work with a resale license would be superb but for a realistic price:)......I may do this :gag:
  10. makemassair

    makemassair makemassair.co.uk

    what u all said.

    in partic about the uneffected stuff.
  11. makemassair

    makemassair makemassair.co.uk

    edit: wrong thread. ignore.
  12. dubassy

    dubassy televison ate my brain

    my take on this as a seller of content.

    my clips with motionloops sell pretty well, so there must be a demand. motionloops aim themselves at vjs and also editors who are looking for cheaper content then say getty prices. i think if you've got a good company working hard to promote youre stuff, its possible to make some money (even if a large % goes to the company selling it :sigh: )

    but to try it alone, without a top notch website, loads of promotion and marketing and all the other stuff that goes on behind the scenes i reckon is pretty hard
  13. hamageddon

    hamageddon Motion Mapping Looper

    interesting thread.

    no problem getting lots of abstract vj loops for small money
    but along with
    a) lots of cliches,
    b) an overkill of effects
    c) randomness in style and color
    d) and absolutly no room for lumakeying

    but i guess VGAs take on the food4veejays thread sums it up far better than
    i do
    thank u, VGA u really made my day that day :lol:
  14. MoRpH

    MoRpH Moderator

    Anyone got a list of links to sites with Loops for sale? Need to source some stuff... asap
  15. mxmai

    mxmai pointless anagram

  16. videoswitchboard

    videoswitchboard Pointless Crew-Glasgow

    we have sold 53 copies of these in about 18 months.
    we get about ?8 per pack sold.

    apparently it's meant to be an ok sales result.

  17. CRAbS

    CRAbS commander

    another 8 euro's

    just bought the arcade pakkage at arkaos.
    so now you have sold 54 copies :sun:

    i'll make my own content and mix them whit bought loops using a chroma and luna key on my own material.
    if you're a startin vj like me and don't have any backround in making visuals what so ever (i'm a male nurse at a childrens hospital), it's difficult to get enough loops.
    since i became a vj, i've been vj'ing for 10 times now in 6 months so i want to show the crowd something different each time.
    also it's good to find out what kind of style suits you.
    sometimes you get rubbish and sometimes you buy nice material.
  18. MoRpH

    MoRpH Moderator

    I'm checking out ppls recommendations but I have about 12 hours left to put it all together. I'm specifically after african/savanahna/jungle/safari loops.
  19. SteveG

    SteveG Downstairs for Dancing

    With a short deadline I'd get a few nature vids and start sampling;) I've not seen many clips of this nature available really....unless you go for very very expensive stock footage.
  20. vj_jasper

    vj_jasper imagination

    dude motionloops has some awesome loops! a few kind of boring ones too but lets not go there. you make loops for them? nice one! i really love some of the content at motionloops.

    i purchased Hidden Partitions by LightrhythmVisuals.com and am extremely pleased with it. will purchase clips from Motionloops at some stage.
  21. MoRpH

    MoRpH Moderator

    Yeah I'm actually jsut compiling the options for a large scale outfit. They need to be licenced properly so no rippage unfortuantely. Ah well jsut trying to get the options on the table, will prolly end up @ the zoo this friday shooting animals and enclosures.

    Jasper yeah I have some of the motion loops stuff on the lsit but its a bit abstract.
  22. cat

    cat Senior Moments

    If its for a project with budget, put together a light box at artbeats/getty etc, give then an idea that loops cost multiple pounds not pence, which then gives you the opportunity to undercut them and still make money.
    I knocked up some african clips for a project recently, unfortunatly I dont have time to sort them out for you, just had some sihouette stills of animals, stylised sunset in the background and some fronds over the top, pretty easy and effective. I also used some african fabric textures, cross hatch etc.
    Good luck

  23. vj_jasper

    vj_jasper imagination

    somewhat more general psychedelic techno nature loops
    17 sample quicktime movs, the upload will finish in two hours...

    3 individual movs have uploaded... the sample size is 400 by 300, medium pjpeg... original 800 by 600 pjpeg high quality.. 25 fps.
  24. sleepytom

    sleepytom VJF Admin

    sorry to go back to the topic :) but it seems that a lot of people are not providing source loops but outtakes of final mixes (lucidhouse springs to mind but jaspers examples were what reminded me of this)

    perhaps this is why they don't sell so well? If i were to buy stuff then i'd want to buy high quality components for editing into my own loops / live compositing. Most of the stuff i've seen for sale is really lacking the space and coherency of colour that is required for usable compositing.
  25. vj_jasper

    vj_jasper imagination

    hmmm, not sure about that one dude. the 'animation imagination' loops at showfootage ( http://showfootage.com/catalog/index.php/manufacturers_id/15 )have been selling well this year since i uploaded them around july. had three gallery exhibitions since then, so that has increased the profile.
    anyway, it's interesting you mention loop trends moving away from "source loops" to "outtakes of final mixes". certainly two styles of loop, but both equally valid imho. one is a component, the other is a flavour.
    the 17 techno nature loops are certainly more a mix of elements than most of my showfootage loops. it's a more recent development, but at the moment it seems like a good idea to me. this is because a lot of VJ's have a lot of real time control of loops, eg in-out points, speed, opacity... all via rotary controllers.
  26. dubassy

    dubassy televison ate my brain

    slightly off topic but if anyone is interested in making some money for selling their loops and videos, reckon on vjs just being a very small % of your customer base and have a look at sites like footage.shutterstock.com and www.istockvideo.com - these sites haves grown out of the microstock photo industry and aim at selling video cheapish, but with repeated sales there is some money to be made. (getty recently spent $50m buying up the istock photo and video business so they must be thinking something).

    i also use these sites to sell some stills and photos. bit dubious at first selling my images so cheaply but unfortunatly they now are changing the way people buy photos, and command a fair share of the market, and you get many sales each and every day... so could also be of interest ot any peeps with a collection of stills..???
  27. vj_jasper

    vj_jasper imagination

    how interesting thanks for the links and information
  28. Motionreactor

    Motionreactor www.motionreactor.net

  29. showfootage

    showfootage New Member

    we buy content

    we are searching for content all the time, if you have nice stuff why not give it a try.


  30. SteveG

    SteveG Downstairs for Dancing

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