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:: Call for Entries VERSCH ::

Discussion in 'Talk with VJs' started by ArjenB, Jul 28, 2006.

  1. ArjenB

    ArjenB New Member

    VERSCH is a new evening program for young artists featuring the latest developments in electronic music, new media and performance. A showcase of installations, performance, live-cinema VJ-ing, live music and DJ-ing.

    The synergy between image and sound in installation and/ or performance form are one of the characteristics of the audiovisual projects. New approaches in the form and the position of the performers/ the public towards the work are central.
    The music doesn?t conform to one style and moves into the direction of eclectic pop/rock/dance, electro(punk), deep-house and minimal. Fresh, accessible compositions and cross-over are the key words.

    The Artists (performers, musicians/ producers) can introduce their work to the organization by filling in the Call for Entries at http://www.versch.org. Please add representative project documentation to your entry.

    VERSCH is produced and organized by Beyond Expression at the Nighttheatre Sugar Factory in Amsterdam The Netherlands.
  2. azart

    azart Subliminal Beat

    Check your mail :)

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