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can i download vjc & vjf ?

Discussion in 'Open-publishing Support' started by neoteo, Jul 9, 2004.

  1. neoteo

    neoteo Active Member

    is there any simple way to download all the articles and all the posts of the cumunity to my hardrive as html or text files ?
  2. eXhale

    eXhale video magician

  3. trotskythecat

    trotskythecat Momo the Monster

    I suppose the next version of VJC could have an RSS, no?
  4. eXhale

    eXhale video magician

    i haven't looked into the RSS specs yet but it shouldn't be too difficult to implement within the existing code.
  5. dongbamage

    dongbamage Bad Ass VJ

    There are various proggies that let you download entire websites...
  6. djnada

    djnada Nadada aka Jim C.

    The full version of Adobe Acrobat lets you download entire websites for offline browsing in PDF format. But it takes a LONG TIME and is not 100% efficient all of the time.
  7. levon

    levon Headless Chicken

    theres a program called black widow that rips sites, used to work on just about every site, but now it hardly works at all cause the stupid servers dont allow site ripping :(
  8. trotskythecat

    trotskythecat Momo the Monster

    "stupid servers"?
    Have you ever run a server where people were using site rippers?
  9. dongbamage

    dongbamage Bad Ass VJ

    hehehe dirty leechers!!! :p :D
  10. djnada

    djnada Nadada aka Jim C.

    Just interested in the tech side of this. How do these "rippers" affect the server? Would acrobat be considered a "ripper?" I use acrobat to save sites for offline Browsing. I bring these to my school, where I am able to deliver material from the internet to kids in a room without internet access. (That always blows people away!). Thanks for the tutorial and/or advise! :)
  11. neoteo

    neoteo Active Member

    i dont know about any riping program , i know i can save page as ( complete web page ) , but only the page that is loaded will be saved , so i had to go page by page and save them in diferent files , and would take a long time ... doesnt surprise me to know that there is " rip " program to do that , since its a simple task ..

    as for what problems this cause to the servers , is simple , it causes lag ! takes more server time for one user then normal .. can make things slower for others ...

    a zip file with all in it would be perfect ... just with text , i dont mean all uploaded stuff ...

    like 1 life per month , or 4 per year ... would be gold

    but this is just more work ... im not complaining at all ...
    i was just curius question ...

  12. therandelman

    therandelman - fucking poser -

    grabbin sites...

    u can grab websites via internet explorer.

    just add the site you want to download to your FAVOURITES, open the FAVS and rightclick the bookmark. then click "use offline" or something like that (i am using the german version, so i dont know the excact name in english... it's the third one in the list)

    the feature is not that handy but better then nothing i guess.
  13. neoteo

    neoteo Active Member

    always learning :D

    thank you :jump:

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