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Change of user name possible?

Discussion in 'Updates, Suggestions & Bugs' started by brain, Oct 24, 2002.

  1. brain

    brain New Member

    dear VJC/VJF team,

    is it possible to change one's user name without loosing the VJC points?
    i registered a long time ago as brain, but it's not my VJ name, just something i came up when i didn't know i would stay that long :) .

    i'm afraid this won't work because the name is the main data base identifier...

    thanx for information
  2. Amukidi

    Amukidi New Member

    Yep, same here, actually, when I first registered, I hadn't done a set! Now I've got loads under my belt it seems that I am, in fact, a VJ,(!) My working name is amukidi.
  3. slike

    slike New Member

    yes - same to me pls !

    is it possible to change ? ... there should be a primary-key change possible to get it work ... hmm ... an update on a primary key ... hmm ... or insert a new user and connect point-table to the new one ... however ...

    thx for your reply
  4. eXhale

    eXhale video magician

    Changing the login in vBulletin is difficult because it is used everywhere so a lot of data/tables must be updated. I know there is a vBulletin hack available though so I'll look for it ASAP. Changing the name on VJCentral will easy though since I'm only using the ID (number) to identify members.

    I'll also try to make it possible to use more special characters and spaces on the login.
  5. brain

    brain New Member

    sounds good.
    thank you so much for all your work!

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