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Collaboration on Apocalypse Survival Guide Series

Discussion in 'Collaborative Work' started by dashiell, Apr 10, 2012.

  1. dashiell

    dashiell New Member

    We are looking for VJs to collaborate on our series of interactive immersive late night clubbing events.

    We come from a set design background and we do a lot of work with visuals, as well as having VJs within our collective.

    We'd love to talk to london based VJs to talk about how we can work together to create interesting and unique events.

    Looking forward to hearing back from you. Feel free to give me a call or text and I will get back to you. 07711845496


    More about the event:

    The 433 Presents:
    Apocalypse Survival Guide
    Chapter Two:
    The Millennium Bug Bites Back
    Islington Metal Works
    EC1V 1NQ

    Straight off the back of saving the world from the Mayan gods, The 433 are back in another epic battle to save mankind.

    The 433 invite you to get your best 90's geek on and join Professor Fugly on his mission to save the world from the evil Millennium Bug.

    Like Terminator you'll travel through our timewarp miniaturiser to be transported back into the 90's and shrunk into the circuitry of a super computer ravaged by the Drag Queen Bug.

    Once inside you'll venture upstairs into Professor Fugly's Hip Hop laboratory and see how he and his hacker homeboys are preparing to battle the bug. Then after heading to the bar to receive an immunising shot, you'll make your way downstairs to see how preparations are going for the Y2K pop party palace. Watch out though, there will be bugs creeping in dark corners waiting to drag you off into their lair and infect you with the virus.

    You'll notice also that time itself has changed since venturing through the timewarp miniaturiser. Like double daylight savings, the clocks all seem to be two hours slow. You'll need to be keeping an eye on new time because as NYE Y2K approaches, Professor Fugly will need your help to find the drag queen bug's lair so that you can help him destroy her.

    As the end of the second Mellenia looms, will you have done enough for Professor Fugly to be able to lead you into the 21st century unscaved??


    3 Rooms of massive 90's Tunes playing the best in 90's Jungle, Rave, House, Garage, Hip Hop and Pop.

    The Bugs Lair:
    Larry Sun (The 433)
    Ferme La Bouche (Where's Nana?)

    The Hip Hop Laboratory
    Fife (Yeah, Maybe)
    Cornel (Yeah Maybe)

    Y2K Pop Party Palace
    Bright Light Bright Light (Another Night)
    Le Guiton (The 433)
    Thomas Jardinier (The 433)


    Release your inner 90's geek.
    Fancy dress is essential, if you don't make the effort, the world will end.


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