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Conversion programs

Discussion in 'Software' started by vdjguru, Feb 21, 2005.

  1. vdjguru

    vdjguru Vj vs Dj or Vj ft. Dj?

    Hi! I use a lot of programs to conver my videos (with and without compressing), but the best are

    1.- Me most used program (for me) is Guardian GKnot. That's a suite with a lot of converting format programs, DVD ripers, DVD to AVI AVI to VOB, .... and one of them (the best for me) is VirtualDub that allows convertions in jobs files.

    2.- Macromedia Quicktime Professional (is the same that quicktime, but with different serial). This allow the conversion from/to quicktimefiles (ideal for use with resolume or arkaos)

    I hope it helps you
  2. cupcake

    cupcake iconscious collective

    Macromedia bought out Apple?? :p hehe

    edit: with view to actually adding something useful to this thread: for conversion from Quicktime to AVI on a PC the free/donations utility Rad Video Tools is brilliant.

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