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Converting DVD VOB files to avi

Discussion in 'Software' started by J3man, Jan 6, 2005.

  1. J3man

    J3man antidote909

    Whats the best program for doing this? is there any free ones out there? i ve got a trial version of YASA but it will only burn about a third of the footage... :rolleyes:
  2. phunkyguy

    phunkyguy New Member

  3. gpvillamil

    gpvillamil New Member

    DVD Decrypter will copy a DVD to your hard drive, where you can do a lot of stuff with it.

    However - for conversion to AVI, you have a few choices. DVDx is a one shot DVD ripper to AVI converter. Works well and is free. It contains an IFO parser, so it lets you choose specific titles and streams.

    VirtualDubMod can also open VOBs and write them as AVIs. However, it opens raw VOBs and does not parse IFOs.

    Depending on what you are doing. tools like TMPGenc or VideoReDo can also be handy ways of clipping segments from DVDs.
  4. murk

    murk Bringer of Blight

    FlaskMPEG is a nice little tool for converting DVD VOBs (must be decrypted first) into AVIs. It opens and converts much faster than VirtualDubMod. The big downside is that you can't preview the audio while you are trimming.
  5. djMidnight

    djMidnight Code Poet

    I've found the combination of AVISynth and DGIndex to work really well. The nice thing is that it works perfectly with VirtualDub, meaning you have easy control over resizing & filters, compression settings, and so on.

    Create a project file with DGIndex (which can also save the audio out as a .wav file) and then load an AVISynth script that references it into VirtualDub. Proceed as usual from there. There are detailed tutorials available on the web, and all the software is freely available online.

  6. turkish

    turkish Doin' it in HK. sometimes


    Is my weapon of choice here

    DVD2AVI has been mentioned so many times on this site - and quite rightly so cos Its free and 'does what it says on the label'

    It allows you to extract the VOB and then provides you 'sliders' so that you can choose the exact footage you want to extract... can be anything from a couple of seconds to the entire VOB.
    This makes the job a lot less time consuming.

    Many programs only give you the choice of ripping the entire VOB.... which is fine if you're just copying the entire DVD but for our uses I'm sure you only want certain slices of it

    You're then given a list of Codecs to choose from..... I'd recommend finding and downloading a list of them like the 'NIMO' CODEC pack etc

    Then save to ur harddrive as .avi


  7. sleepytom

    sleepytom VJF Admin

    the vfapi codec can be used to good effect allowing you to edit vobs in any vfw program with out recompressing the video.

    google dvd2avi and the vfapi converter
  8. J3man

    J3man antidote909

    yeh cheers for that.. i rekkon they should do the trick :cool:
  9. turkish

    turkish Doin' it in HK. sometimes


    Don't forget that you can also take a 'line out' from ur TV to a DV Camera and record what you see in realtime - then just capture the DV tape using your chosen video tool, Final Cut, Vegas etc - you can then convert to the format of ur choice.
  10. xrayconcept

    xrayconcept New Member

    DVD Vob to AVI

    On Apple macintosh OSX you have at least two good simple programs
    MPEG Streamclip (freeware) excellent many options
    Livid Batch Export Utility (freeware)
    D Vision
    Handbrake free
    and many more

    and Cleaner 6 a pro app good qual very complete and affordable.
  11. robotkid

    robotkid Member

    Oh man...I've got this working in Vegas...this totally rules!

    Thanks sleepytom!!!

  12. SilentEclipse

    SilentEclipse PH 5.9

    Thanks for the info, but can someone tell me what my video settings should be in DVD2AVI, as I seem to be creating lots of unreadable AVI files at the moment.

    I have used it in the past and it has worked ok, I just cant remember what the best settings are.


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