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Cool flash particles

Discussion in 'Finding Content' started by asterix, Jul 31, 2006.

  1. asterix

    asterix IMAGINEER

  2. hookturn

    hookturn Reset

    Too much fun to be had on there.
  3. C0rnelius

    C0rnelius New Member

    Can we use those for VJ-ing?
  4. asterix

    asterix IMAGINEER

    Well you can... :) but that doesn't mean you're allowed to!!

    Im not quite sure exactly how to answer that. It says that it is an open source site but there are no source files available to download. So I presume the files themselves are open source and free to use as you please.
    Still I'd love the source files because I was researching how to create dynamic particle systems using action script. But I guess thats what the book is for.
  5. asterix

    asterix IMAGINEER

    oh hang on I just found the source hidden away at the bottom of the page.
  6. C0rnelius

    C0rnelius New Member

    The source files is there.. at the bottom of every description
  7. Motionreactor

    Motionreactor www.motionreactor.net

    asterix, if you get stuck with those paricle systems I'd be glad to help. I've created several with Flash and AS2.0 so know my way around pretty well.
  8. Niall

    Niall New Member

    I love this kinda stuff, even though most of it just goes over my head.
    But I can reccomend Flash Math creativity as quite a cool book if you're trying to get started in the whole self generating fractal thing.
  9. dePICT

    dePICT Obstacles for yo Opticals

    I ran into that site once before slick stuff.
    getting swfs with complex scripts to play in Resolume can be tricky.
    Arkaos seems to handle some better
  10. asterix

    asterix IMAGINEER

    Thanks Motion Reactor I'll be taking you up on that offer. :)
    I've been so into particle systems lately - after playing around with particle illusion SE (I'll want to get 3.0!) and seeing what the possibilities are Im really enjoying it. Plus Im learning actionscript at the moment so I thought theres potential to explore there.

    By the way they seem to load into flowmotion beautifully using the generators>flashloader> command. But won't load directly through the usual video loader.
    An advantage being a director based app I guess :)
  11. makemassair

    makemassair makemassair.co.uk

    weirdness. but cool.
  12. evomedia

    evomedia Control Freaks

    Its all open source so reckon you'd be ok to use them, I too used to visit the site they have been building these things for years
  13. vj_jasper

    vj_jasper imagination

    hmm where is the book available? on the levitated website, i could only see a few compilation books mentioned. if there was a dedicated book, that would be really cool.
    i like the way Jared writes, eg. "The observation of digitized displays is just another step in the interpolation process of image information."
  14. SilentEclipse

    SilentEclipse PH 5.9

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