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Disco Hitler

Discussion in 'Finding Content' started by Meierhans, Apr 23, 2006.

  1. Meierhans

    Meierhans Spezialmusik

    Bad quality, but cool to see how you can set pictures into a new context only by putting music below.

    (Ignore the popup and close ads page..)

    Please note that I do NOT like Hitler himself..
  2. bridd

    bridd :)

    *grin* Ok that's cheered me up this murky Sunday afternoon!
  3. drmo

    drmo New Member

    very good!
  4. brain

    brain New Member

    well... if you ever managed to sit through a spine-chilling screening of "triumph of the will" (1935 official propaganda) with hitler shouting about how the nazis are aiming for peace in europe...
    and remember how they claimed to improve western culture (by burning books and artists)...
    maybe you`d think different.
  5. dansmachine

    dansmachine Video. Performance. Art.

    You're talking about one of the absolute highlights of the 20th century cinema here.
    1935 generally acknowledged art! :sign:

  6. dansmachine

    dansmachine Video. Performance. Art.

    So you think the jury of the Grand Prize was fascist?
    And in fact, are you saying that you have to be fascist if you are stunned by the visual qualities of Leni Riefenstahl?

    Thanks :nono:
  7. brain

    brain New Member

    the german pavillion for the expo was designed by albert speer and the large sculptures of sword-bearing warriors by notorious arno breker (member of the expo jury btw.)... actually, the two and hitler liked it so much there, that they decided to return to paris in 1940... with an army. (speer on the left, breker on the right)
  8. karl

    karl Sex, Drugs and Videogames

  9. brain

    brain New Member

    @meierhans: i dont think "Riefenstahl is a very good example what happends if you create media without looking for goals of the customer". she knew exactly what was going on and was a supporting nazi to the bone. pretending she just wanted to make pretty pictures (coincidentially for the nazis) was the fucking lie of the last 58 years of her life.
  10. dansmachine

    dansmachine Video. Performance. Art.

    That's your opinion. As far as I know she wasn't aware of the fullscale atrocities her adored leader would cause in Europe, 7 years after shooting the picture.
    Nevertheless are her works monuments of esthetics, beyond every political discussion. I'm glad we can agree about that at least :kiss:
  11. 3YE

    3YE UndergrounD

    *puts on moderater hat*

    Although i do not wish to interrupt what is currently progressing as a well informed and friendly debate, this is a polite reminder that this sub-forum is for 'finding content', as opposed to 'general chat' or 'ethics'

    however we would welcome a list of nazi films (serious or pastiche) and where to get them if anyone has any links to share?...

    *removes moderator hat*
  12. drup

    drup New Member

  13. verademadun

    verademadun verademadun

    well i thought the footage was brill how was that done ?
  14. Dacha!

    Dacha! New Member


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