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dual output

Discussion in 'Software' started by vjayg, Apr 15, 2005.

  1. vjayg

    vjayg New Member

    im new to vj-ing and please excuse me for asking noob question...

    i would like to know how to work on dual display on single pc/notebook.

    display 1 = main screen
    display 2 = screen that i can edit and do my stuff which won't show on display 1

    is there any software/hardware that capable of doing multi-tasking and multi-ouput ?

    i hope you guys get my points. sorry for my bad english

  2. holly

    holly WetCircuit.com

  3. vjayg

    vjayg New Member

    thanks for the fast reply and link
    but i would like to know about vjay's experience on this...

  4. holly

    holly WetCircuit.com

    Sorry, I never actually looked at that FAQ. It is just a link to another site.

    Dock his karma!
  5. seex

    seex Codeep visuals

    You can go both ways, either work with the interface on one screen and your output on the second (like you described). Or you can have your show worked out to the last deetail and work without an on screen interface and unly use your MIDI or keyboard and mouse to control the show.

    More intuitive softweres like resolume or flowmotion need such a setup, while visual jockey is optimized for single screen. The diference is how you work at a show, do you need acess to all your archives or do you select all the clips and effects beforehand.
  6. vjayg

    vjayg New Member

    thanks for the input seex.

    i would think as a newcomer working around with dual screen is just to 'play safe' so that i won't screw up the night when something goes wrong.

  7. seex

    seex Codeep visuals

    Thats how i started, Resolume and similar softweres are great for improvisation, the simple interface is also a great introduction to waht is possible...

    The down side is the strain one goes trough to make a show, im wasted after three hours of intense improvisation.

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