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DVD Club problem

Discussion in 'Law & Ethics Discussions' started by videoking, Sep 9, 2009.

  1. videoking

    videoking We 1 2 rock!

    heres a little selfmade problem:
    I've sold a DVD to a small club, all my own content. Moneywise it wasnt the big deal, thought that theyre friends/ so i ve made it cheep (the club just started then).
    The dvd is made with a little script, so it plays my logo first one time only and loops endless within the normal content. The club owner, knowing that a dvd has a limited lifetime in clubs, asked then the tech guy from the club to copy it and he did it poorly, so that the script doesnt work and my logo comes up as a showstopper (lots of white) every 40 mins, for about 1min which is clearly -at least for me- a negativ, regarding my brand/name. So i decided to give the club another copy with the correct script. (3 month ago) But they just keep on playin the old shit (1 year +) and answers my friendly requests with "kiss my ass"
    Its really annoying...as this club is one of the few good ones we've here in Hamburg, electro/techno style, and the punters as other clubowners/promoters are always there and tell me about the repetiv dvd, always the same, etc.
    I know that there's no thing such as bad promotion, but it certainly feels like.
    Any hints appreciated.
    Cheers Michael
  2. Liquidmetro

    Liquidmetro Positively Phototropic

    How annoying. Sorry to hear this! I guess supplying terms and conditions with the original stating copying rules etc would be the lesson to be learned.

    Having said that I have done the same and not done this. I guess I should take note too ;). Difference is that it was for club nights instead of the club as a whole.

    I've always put the date as a watermark to try and prevent re-use beyond it's original purpose. Having said that, you could always blur that out too and make it look crappy. Then I would be in the same boat with my logo against a non-professional looking product.

    Have you been down in person? Maybe try and do a physical swap when you show them the new super improved DVD (with a terms of use file that is there but does not show during autoplay)? Also you could print terms of use on the DVD itself?
  3. nutcracker

    nutcracker I've given money to VJForums

    Would you be more pissed if they'd removed your logo altogether and just ripped the content?

    I wouldn't worry about it, if the content is good, other promoters will see that.
    They will also have plenty of time to write your name down.

    More fool the club for giving you free promotion whilst making themselves look lazy.

    Why do you think they don't want to use the free replacement disc?
  4. videoking

    videoking We 1 2 rock!

    thx for responding, guess its pure lazyness to not remove the disk and put the new one in, or maybe they ve lost the new one and dont want to admit.

    for the future i have to remind myself that politicians and clubowners are kinda the same stuff....first nicely promises, then forgot all and never admit anything. I allready should know this after more then 10 years....

    Guess i 'll follow the advice from another thread and put it in good quality up to archive.org with a link from my websites, including the release date..

  5. subpixel

    subpixel the pixelator

    The nice way:

    remind them that you are kissing their arse, giving them a shiny new working copy - maybe even make one without your logo at all.

    The not so nice way:

    as above, but insert some malicious content into the disc, so that a little while into the club night something hideously offensive (to the club owners) plays, with a nice big message "kiss my arse".

    Perhaps you can arrange someone else to play easter bunny (delivering the easter egg) for you - I'm guessing that someone could somehow get access to the DVD player, maybe even the video cable going to the projector.

    The "legal" way:

    a law suit regarding the harm to your business by using your logo (is it registered, or showing a registered business name?)

    The information contained in this post is for entertainment value only and not to be construed as legal advice nor a reason to have to take a body guard with me when traveling in Hamburg!
  6. videoking

    videoking We 1 2 rock!

    im tempted to take the second idea, but, as they (the club owners) are from the famous redlight district here in hamburg i also would recommend to think about the bodyguards when visiting Hamburg, because ill give them - after they treated me seriously- your adresse and name and tour gigs in Hamburg (-:

    anyway i already thought about it and the best will be just to give exactly the same DVD to all the other clubowners for free, without the damn logo script and just some date and a little stamped watersign. So they all have the same.

    Its a pitty, had some nicely now forever burned loops (at least in Hamburg) on that dvd, was a live gig for the hacker last year which i ve recorded with an HD recorder and then edited and colormanaged in AE and FCPro.
  7. asterix

    asterix IMAGINEER

    Sounds like a good way to ruffle to club owners necks, but do you think that giving a copy to other clubs is in your best interest?
  8. bridd

    bridd :)

    IMO The phrase "the best 'revenge' is to live well" applies here; move on from what's happened, learn from it, and go do something kick-arse elsewhere that puts them to shame.

    Get those people who've told you about them playing the same DVD on loop every week to come to a different night, and bring their friends, on the basis of it having fresh visuals and a fresh vibe!
  9. Nick Gunn

    Nick Gunn New Member

    Ain't that the truth. Talking complete crap seems to be second nature for them. Never trust.
    I try to avoid making DVDs as much as possible.
  10. videoking

    videoking We 1 2 rock!

    yep, ive pretty much stopped it.
    was nice while it lasted (selling some dvds here in my hometown to specific clubs, then wait, sell them again to another club in the next city, and so on, like a rotation wheel :)

    It ended like they played that dvds forever, so everybody thinks you play that old loops since 2000...also the amount of money u may charge moved downwards pretty soon, started with around 300-400€, now its more like 80-150€. Another business burned.....and i do understand why the copyright bastards want the DRM model so desperately (pay per view from the medium) Still i dont agree with dem

  11. Rovastar

    Rovastar /..\

    The only to reduce the reuse is to brand the DVD with the club, event, and dates and times. Even just the Year regularly in there. Club XYZ 2009, club night ABC 2009. Makes these regularly appear. Use them in conjunction with other visuals as background, etc. There are a few threads on this here. You can use this in ingenious ways so the DVD is not as useful afterwards.

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