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Expression, Sun 10th 4-9.30pm, London

Discussion in 'VJ Events' started by Stickman, Oct 10, 2004.

  1. Stickman

    Stickman New Member

    The 2nd Expression.

    sorry for late posting, being trying to finalise the line-up for ages, although the end result is pretty cool

    Line up this month
    set 1 - Dj Paygan and Vj Stickman - global chill and ethnic beats
    set 2 - Dj/composer Tequilla and Vj Coresnfx - a variety of flavours
    set 3 - Sparks & Matt Fisher combined AV - Breaks live.
    set 4 - Gandolfi & Inside-us-all (Ralph) combined AV - Psy.

    The idea is for people to get together and simply express themselves, whether their audio and visual content is polished or still embryonic. My main aim is to provide an opportunity for creative people (of all disciplines) to meet, chat, watch, listen, inspire others and be inspired.

    This isn't a normal money making event (it's free in!), so, the goal posts have been "re"moved, now it's all about having fun and making an expression.

    The idea is to start out with lower paced, non-4/4 beats and build from there upto our music stops at 9.30 (when another event takes over the music) although the bar stays open until 2am.


    flyer - front.


    flyer - back.


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