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Filimg Soap Bubbles?

Discussion in 'Finding Content' started by syzygy, Jan 6, 2003.

  1. syzygy

    syzygy non-verbal communication

    Has anyone got any experience of filming soap bubbles.

    I don't mean foam here, I mean BIG soap bubbles. Over Christmas, I was reminded that I can make pretty big bubbles and that they would make good material if we could film them.

    Any tips for how to capture that bubble surface sheen?


    (syzygy visuals)
  2. isogloss

    isogloss New Member

    Hi Syzygy.

    I got some interesting results filming the scum and reflections out of my washing machine. (...ahh the lengths you go to when you're desparate for clips!) Anyway, my best advice is to use controlled lighting (indoors with a couple of lamps mabe) move them around to bring up the best sheen.

    when filming, mess with the contrast controls on your camera to accentuate detail. It might be handy to shoot in negative so you can see what's going on more effectively.

    Also, a polarizing filter would do a world of good.

    Hope this is not completley useless info.

  3. bluntfaktory

    bluntfaktory New Member

    a good tip on filming bubbles is to make a dark or black back drop , rig a light on the ground pointing up , putting it at the bass of the drop and away from it . turn off any lights so that when you film the bubbles they are back lit just a little , that way you see them and nothing else . adding different color lights at different points and multiple lights (as long as the don't light up the back drop and keep them out off camera) you can stretch a couple shots out of the idea .
  4. bassy

    bassy New Member

    Hi syzygy,

    I'v got no experience in capturing soap bubbles.
    But I've got some ideas.
    Is it possible to add colouring matters (translation from dixtionary) in your soap bubbles??

    If so, I'd make three different soaps, with three diff. colours, and than make from each colour one bubble. Bring them together, or near eachother, make sure u can see them all through the camera and start capturing. Meanwhile play a little with the light, both normal and coloured light, and chance some settings of your camera (meanly light, if I may suggest).

    So I hope U can do something with it.
    Let me know if u come up with something


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