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film scratches

Discussion in 'Finding Content' started by warpTV, Oct 3, 2005.

  1. warpTV

    warpTV warpaholic

    anyone have any good suggestions for finding some film scratches / scratch animations on film / splotches & blotches f'cked up film etc.

    cheers. :help:
  2. turkish

    turkish Doin' it in HK. sometimes

    Create you own

    Easy to do with an editing systen like Sony Vegas - it has filters that allow you to add scratches and jumps (and those little hairs ya get too) to any clip. You can also add a 'sepia' effect to get that old film look.

    I used this to a nice effect last halloween turning some of the latter date Horror movies into faux 1920's movies. Then creating my own jumpy subtitles using the same filters.

  3. RayV

    RayV =] ++ [=

    premiere has got the same filter too
    old age filter
    as turkish described,
    in which u can adjust the hair & dust & lines quantity
  4. warpTV

    warpTV warpaholic

    looking more for actual clips of very scratched film - not really a big fan of the "old film" effects built into editing softs, also looking for animations that have been scratched into old film stock etc.....but thanks anyway
  5. sleepytom

    sleepytom VJF Admin

    look for work by Norman McLaren - the GPO released some of his abstract film works back in the 40's (here is a laser disk featuring his work - god i'm almost tempted to by an LD player just for this disk!)

    there is also some stuff on dvd that is expensive and hard to find...
  6. cat

    cat Senior Moments


    Has videos available by a lot of early animators. Check out Stan Brakhage, one of my favourites, a master of scratch and blob!
    And noone has sugested DIY, which is how I started out doing visuals, unfortunetly I didnt have a video camera back then so the loops I squinted hours at have all long since been eaten by projectors!
    Bleach, marker pens, glass paint, scratching impliments, magnifying glass if your sensible (a light box is handy too)!
    Probably cost less than buying a load of videos, and then be your own work, projectors go for peanuts these days!
    I have been asked to make some for someone, but simply havent had the time recently, maybe soon....

    Good luck
  7. warpTV

    warpTV warpaholic

    thanks for russia then - cheers for that info looks good :D
  8. warpTV

    warpTV warpaholic

    I have thought it may come to this - any good tips / advice would be much appreciated... thanks for the info :D
  9. ristuuk

    ristuuk Member

  10. many2

    many2 Active Member

  11. lowRes

    lowRes another member


    many thanx many2!!!:jump2:
    i've been so long waiting for a release like this!!!
    so fed up with webly compressed animation pearls!:grrr:

    warptv :: i know you're not looking for plugz or apps to do scratches but just in case u need something try DigiEffects Film Damage for after effects! it's a wonder to get lost into! (and a nightmare long rendering$!..)
    total control in jittering, stains, scratches, hair.... uuuffff... and a lot more!

    * )
  12. lotech

    lotech video junkies

    Hey Warp, good to see you online,
    When your up here for Digweed I can give you some dv footage with the lead in and out from some super8 footage I digistised for a music vid (The Downlow "Up in here" - find on www.amplifier.co.nz) and the Hip Hop Summit TVC, screen overlay gives instant 'ye-old' effect with some guassian and colur grade on the photo. I've attached a frame on which I used this technique and the original digi jpeg.

  13. warpTV

    warpTV warpaholic

    sounds good - looking forward to the gig will be fun :D

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