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First Large Setup

Discussion in 'Gig Reports' started by Christoffer, Feb 8, 2011.

  1. Christoffer

    Christoffer New Member

    This was the first time that I had to do a real setup. Usually I just have plug n' play gigs at the nightclubs.

    We started out 9am and found out that two of the projectors not were delivered with clamps. The light company was really helpful and supplied me with pretty much anything I needed.

    The two Sanyo projectors were on 6500 lumens and the frames made it quite a challenge to set them up properly. The two other Optomas were on 4000 lumens.

    The building is really amazing and I did not have any problems with projecting on the grey walls. The music was quite a mess some hiphop, house and electronica, so diverse content was definitely needed. The party went well and there was approximately 1400 guests.

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  2. 032981

    032981 New Member

    I love the stars at the end. Good work.
  3. PCProject

    PCProject Moderator

    I really liked what looked like open white from moving heads morphing into the water splashes. Cool idea.

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