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frame dropping

Discussion in 'Software' started by sakamoto, Jan 30, 2005.

  1. sakamoto

    sakamoto VJ CUTUP

    I'm experiencing an annoying frame dropping in RC Fuse 1.51. The app used to work fine on my laptop but recently the video playback became jerky. I don't think it's a codec problem as the clips play fine using other software. I also reinstalled RC Fuse but the problem is still there... I tried all the options available but nothing. Any suggestion?

    LEVLHED gear whoreder

    have you tried re-installing the OS yet?

    think about what you might have changed since the jerkin started...installed a new program? antivirus?
  3. alangeering

    alangeering Theatre Tech (AV)

    Try making space on your hard drive then defragmenting.

  4. sakamoto

    sakamoto VJ CUTUP

    I guess the only solution is to reinstall the os on a second partition, that's pretty annoying since the only app I have problems with is RCfuse... :sad:

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