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FreeFrame List

Discussion in 'Software' started by dansmachine, Feb 3, 2005.

  1. dansmachine

    dansmachine Video. Performance. Art.

    Since I discovered the FreeFrame-plugs were nowhere to find as complete list, I've made such at the VisualJockey WIKI.

    Find it here and feel Freeframe to add more if you know any plug which isn't on this list.


  2. many2

    many2 Active Member

    very useful list (and wiki !) thanks. Also, since it's a wiki, anyone can update it if he finds or creates new plugins ;)
  3. Anyone

    Anyone New Member

    I see there are some freeframes you need to pay for,
    to download them... shall we change their name to "payframes"?

  4. dansmachine

    dansmachine Video. Performance. Art.

    Hehehe (-:

    Well to be honest I think Syzygy's 10 quit is almost for free, 70E for Intrinsic is a bargain and 70E for Inside-Us-All makes it a bit more ..eehh exclusive? I really love the Rebelle though!

  5. dansmachine

    dansmachine Video. Performance. Art.

    And thus has been done, 2 plugs by VVVV are added by the vvFFPP-crew.

    Is it complete now?


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