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FS: Zuma Pro 3.33 License

Discussion in 'Video & Gear Exchange' started by sdvoid, Oct 26, 2004.

  1. sdvoid

    sdvoid New Member

    For sale: (1) License to Zuma Pro 3.33
    (3D modelling+ animation, and real-time MIDI controllable authoring visualizer) for $150.
    website: www.3dmaxmedia.com/Zuma_01.htm

    I used it for making small .avi clips of 3D mandala animes (as it contains all basic geometric & polyhedral forms) to run in Arkaos but you can also program a VJ set in it (has 64 presets) as the internal parameters are MIDI & Audio controllable. Imports 3D models (I used XFrog to make 3D shapes for Zuma).

    Will also include several bonus disks of apps I've received from mags and/or as a reviewer (no warez/cracks); WorldBuilder Pro, XFrog 3, particleIllusion SE (great for clip transitions), many Photoshop plug-ins (actions, styles, brushes, etc..), and video/flash clips of various mandala & abstract animes I've done which you can use in your works.

    PM me with any questions;
    Thnx... Scott

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