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getting VJ jobs in NYC

Discussion in 'Just Starting' started by prismaco, Dec 7, 2004.

  1. prismaco

    prismaco Member

    mustve been a tru commie
    to want to spread the love
    :eek: :mad:
    i so missed the mexican machisimo in portland.
    plenty o' cubans though (figure that?)
    they got a little more of that italian machisimo though...
    but they sure can salsa
    my friend David spent 16 months on Guantanumo trying to get to the US
    crazy mother f***ER:pirate:
  2. skyvat

    skyvat New Member

    Littlecat - How'd you know i was lurking this thread? ;) ooooh I will look forward to trying that porter, though I haven't seen it on the shelves yet.

    Didn't realize you had left, Rei. I have to say that Brooklyn is really the perfect blend of density and intensity for me. I'm on a sometimes quiet block with a small backyard and few minutes walk from another Vaux/Olmstead designed park, actually Olmstead considered Prospect Park to be superior to Central Park because he had learned from his mistakes. I don't have the urge many people feel to live on the Island of Manhattan (aka "the City" by locals). Most of what I need is right here, and when I have to, I can get anywhere south of 14th street in under 25 mins either by subway or by bike, which I'm trying to use as much as possible even with the onset of winter weather.

    But as for this sidetracked thread, keep an eye on Holly's postings, show up to the Eyewash and introduce yourself. There's a few bi-weeklys and monthlys for video to check out and meet other players (share, {r}ake, psychasthenia). VJ jobs in NYC that can actually support you are few and far between, so the best thing is to play and network so if/when that opportunity comes up you are in the right place with the right experience to nab it.
  3. skyvat

    skyvat New Member

    Share continues to survive, it's a weekly Sunday eve jam session for audio and video http://share.dj for more info. It varies week to week, it's an organism with its own mind - sometimes amazing and sometimes really slow.

    Most freelance I'm doing has asked for an SS#, and I haven't had much impetus to get around that at this point. Sorry i don't know more details about it for you.

    Funny enough I was actually reading "The Ethical Slut" the other night. Nice use of icons to simulate group lovin' by the way LC.

  4. holly

    holly WetCircuit.com

    (ponders convincing Skyvat and Lil'Cat to go at it....)

    Isn't "polyamorism" just another word for being single? Playing the field? Does it really deserve latin-nomenclature to legitemize it as an "orientation"?

    Let me tell you about this gay couple I knew: been married for years, looked up to as the greatest relationship by their friends. Then after 7 years of perfectness, one admits he'd had an affair. Surprisingly the other admitted he'd had an affair too. They celibrated their honesty and felt assured this was the start of a new open relationship. Three months later they divorced.

    I miss my sexperimental California days, but it's hard enough to find ONE guy who is really good at sex. Of course I'm lazy and bossy and one-sided: not ethical at all....

    Besides, all guys say they want a 3-way but what they really mean is boy-girl-girl.
  5. holly

    holly WetCircuit.com

    Heheh. Having been a notorious klub kid in sanfran and deep DEEP in the pansexual S/M scene there (and hooo the scene there is tops) I moved back to NYC and figured I'd just go and insert myself in the (micheal alig/peter gatien) club scene. Showed up my first night half-naked during a blizzard in February -- typical outfit by Cali standards, but it was obvious that NYC is on the Purtain Coast and the costumes would need to be adjusted. Incidently, the club was empty (because of the blizzard -- what amatures!) and I was immediately endeared by the promoters.... Kids, if you ever wanted to know how to get drink tickets...!

    Of course that was 10 years ago. If I did that today I don't think it would have quite the same happy impression.

    Anyway, despite what goes on in your personal recyclable space dome, sexual attitudes are regional. In fact, I'd go so far as to say that the sexual "openness" of women is in direct relation to the sexual "closedness" of the men -- although those terms are really too stunted to acurately describe it. I dated some macho East Coast mafia-type catholics for a while but the sex was only hot when they thought it was wrong. Then they felt guilty afterwards. Ugh, what effort.

    edited to add:
    openness of women vs closedness of men... Just wanted to comment that it goes both ways and isn't meant to imply that one is oppressed by the other. If anything, they both oppress one another. blah blah. Peecee me.
  6. Portal

    Portal New Member

    What the heck happened to this thread? We start with polite banter about topless women and Eastern Euro girls, and all of a sudden, we are discussing the politics of threesomes and what makes kinky sex exciting?! :scared: lol!

    I'm going to Ukraine to meet a woman who could become a serious romantic partner, not to discover the ins and outs of open relationships. There are already too many women in North America who have slept with too many people (both boys and girls :rolleyes: ) for me.

    BTW - Sorry, I'm not interested in getting into a debate about which women I would consider for a serious relationship and who I consider just a "playpal". :):
  7. skyvat

    skyvat New Member

    Check out this film before your trip.

    Knowing exactly what you want gets you more than you bargained for...:eek:
  8. Portal

    Portal New Member


    That type of storyline could happen to any dude anywhere. It doesn't have to be Eastern Europe. :)
  9. holly

    holly WetCircuit.com

    Oh Dan, you're such a hopeless romantic. **Swoooon** If I were 5 years younger and didn't need you to play at the MoMA undamaged.... *sigh*

    Well, being one of those women who've slept with too many people, I can't marry you afterall Portal. I'll try to let you down easy, but New Yorkers you know, not really known for their Southern pacing. In other words: klunk.;)

    Now this woman in Ukraine. I'm just curious. Is she a real woman you've been chatting with via email, or just a figurative "someone special who is out there for me" kind of woman? I only ask because I must warn you all here and now that Internet Romance Syndrome is a dangerous thing akin to life-in-prison marriages and wartime letters back home. Best of luck of course. Hope she gets a greencard out of it.
  10. Portal

    Portal New Member


    You and I both know our engagement was simply one of convenience. After all, I know your current partner would not be all the pleased about it. Or would he? :scared: lol! :p

    It's a "I met her online" kind of thing. The only reason I take this on any kind of serious level is that I've been to this part of the world before. I know what the personality of these women is like in-person, and I have very realistic expectations. This isn't stepping into the cosmos for me. :) This time. ;)

    BTW - The cards are only green if you're going back to Bush country. ;) :)
  11. brain

    brain New Member

    just for the record: japan is NOT in eastern europe.

    ...yea, we know, geographics get a bit complicated once you leave NAFTA :)
  12. murph

    murph vidiot

    wow, so reading all about the sexual politics of the coasts is incredibly exciting. I think here we're more conditioned to hunkering down for the winter. =] Find a nice girl, bang her brains out, and don't leave the house. Go camping when it thaws. We like to think about it, we like to talk about it, but getting too crazy just isn't in the cards for most of the reserved midwesterners.

    Places like Miami and Vegas and to a certain extent Denver or SF seem like lala lands to me. Places where you can go for a couple years if you're young and have money, or you're involved enough in the entertainment industry of some sort. they're fun, they're exciting, lots of beautiful people, lots of money, lots of coke, but not a lot of reality. Not a lot of sustainability. And really high bar tabs. Not for me.

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