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Give me your photos - AVIT NA

Discussion in 'Chicago, USA 2003' started by vjnixmix, Jun 27, 2003.

  1. vjnixmix

    vjnixmix Video Mixin' Vixen

    I need to gather as many photos as possible for the www.avit.info website.

    If you could be kind to send me yours - I will even trade for Psychic Chakra pix (if you want them) as incentive ;)

    Please mail discs to:

    Niky Metsa
    PO Box 510784
    Milwaukee, WI 53203

    OR - as soon as avit.info is fully functional users can upload their pics there. I don't want TOO much time to pass before I get them posted though.


    LEVLHED gear whoreder


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