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GRID for Windows XP now available

Discussion in 'Software' started by dlublin, Feb 28, 2005.

  1. dlublin

    dlublin Member

    Hi all,

    We've just finished making a minor update to GRID2 for Windows. This update has the following changes:

    Improved AVI support
    Fixed bug that caused downsampling on some graphics cards
    Apple Quicktime now included with installer

    The demo version can be found here:

    - David @ VIDVOX
  2. mondo

    mondo New Member

    is this a demo version only or can i patch to my paid version?
  3. dlublin

    dlublin Member

    Free update of course!

    Sending you the link to the full version..

    - DL
  4. lik

    lik solo in av_kombinat

    swf 7

    ...tried it, like it....

    ....but none of my newer swf (flash 7) work, they won't load...
    ...flash 6 works fine... tried updating QT...no go


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