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HDD media players, are there any quality products?

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by rayrik, Jun 14, 2008.

  1. rayrik

    rayrik New Member

    I just got the media player 2.5 HDD for my "recycled" notebook drive. Instead of normal box for storage, for 20 Euro more got something that can be directly connected to VGA or TV I wanted to try how these things work and use for watiching movies on TV without computer and necessity of burning DVD.
    Now, I wouldnt mind to get something like that but by non chinese company. It is not political reason, simply all china "designed" electronic products are terribly brainless concepts as far as usability goes and of course quality. This little player is exactly like all chinese DVD players, bad software, idiotic remote layout. It is the soft pard that is the problem not the hardware
    I can imagine same thing could be highly usable as DVD player replacment, small and with as much G as you want (have 160 now) unfortunately as it is I cant imagine of using it for anything else then watching movies
    Are there similar products of better quality? I couldnt find any other, shops have only 3.5 monsters and on Ebay only those cheapos
  2. andyvj

    andyvj New Member

    lacie media hds

    hi rayrik
    try this stuff out
    lacie 1 tb lacinema hdd

  3. rayrik

    rayrik New Member

    Thanks, I am sure it is something better, there are more of those 3.5 even with recording functionality but I want 2.5 format, The whole idea is to have something portable, smaller then DVD players.
    So far that little thing seems to choke on Divx movies, there appear some Venetian blinds when there is any fast movement, fire oir similar. Same file plays normal from computer or regular DVD player. As mentioned the menu structure, functionality is exactly like on those chinese DVD players ( that we are forced to buy since these are only without fixed regions). Like with so many products for example CME keyboards they are not able to make their own thing though they built relatively well for other companies.
    Not to insult anybody but the most striking are layouts of remote controlls, looks like they refuse to use their brains or do not really understand what is the purpose of it and basic principles of use.
    I hope some companies like Lacie will come up with better designed and programmed devices soon.

    P.S. I was really confused why micorphone is listed in the manual as optical device till I guest they meant "optional".
  4. sleepytom

    sleepytom VJF Admin

  5. rayrik

    rayrik New Member

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